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Memphis Grizzlies sign 2013 NCAA Tournament star Luke Hancock to one-year deal


Andy Lyons

The Memphis Grizzlies are now the Western Conference favorites to make the 2015 NBA Finals thanks to the signing of the Most Outstanding Player from the 2013 NCAA Tournament, Luke Hancock.

This news coincides with the related story of our universe melding with another parallel reality that also has LeBron James signing with the Grizzlies this season, and borrowing elements from yet another universe where Tim Duncan and Tony Parker die in their late 20's due to Gregg Popovich going on a bath salt and spice binge that causes him to stab both men in their hearts with shards of a pinot grigio bottle.

Back in the normalized reality where none of that happens, the Grizzlies sign Luke Hancock to compete for a spot in training camp where his catch-and-shoot ability might flare up enough to adhere him to some part of the roster.

I see this as John Hollinger move based on the idea that Hancock is a tall white guy who can shoot from beyond the arc and do nothing else. I guess it's a better situation than trying to keep calling Jamaal Franklin the Grindson.