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Screw It: Everything in Memphis Has to Be Renamed Some Variant of Grit or Grind Now

Are you happy, TA? Because this is what it's come to...

Joe Murphy - NBA

Earlier today, our own Tony Allen made a modest proposal regarding the name of the bar by the tunnel entrance on the floor of FedEx Forum.

I agree with Tony and I don't think the Grind puns are played out at all, so in that spirit I propose we try to rename everything in Memphis some variant of Grit or Grind, or just rename them in some sort of Grizzlies-specific context. I'll help get the ball rolling.

  1. Graceland - Grindland
  2. Mud Island - Mud Grindland
  3. Mississippi River - Missigritty Rivgrind
  4. Memphis Botanic Garden - Memphis Botangrit Grinden
  5. Memphis Zoo - Unchanged, but we now refer to giant pandas as Grindant Pandas
  6. Earnestine & Hazel's - Earngritstine & Grizzels
  7. Collierville - meh, unchanged.
  8. Tinder - Grindr (wait...)
  9. State Senator Brian Kelsey - Former State Senator Brian "I Love Blake Griffin" Kelsey

On second thought, maybe we shouldn't do this. Maybe we should've stopped with the whole "Grit Grind" thing after this happened...

Fun fact: while Brian Kelsey does, in fact, love Blake Griffin; this is his actual favorite song. He also loves it when people email him links to the video above. Here's his email:

Leave your suggestions for more Grit/Grind-themed nicknames for Memphis landmarks and people in the comments, but I implore you, do not leave any more comments on that YouTube video. There's only one comment on there and it's perfect.