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GBB Survey: Your GBB, Let's preview the upcoming season on the site!

Hey boys, girls and others! Basketball season is around the corner -- let's all get on the same page!


It's good to get away sometimes, even from the precious components of life that you dearly love.

Some of you might have noticed my hiatus over the past couple of weeks, but then again, you might not have even blinked an eye because the staff of GBB has been doing such an amazing job of keeping us all entertained. Nevertheless, I've been sitting out the daily grind and coverage of the Grizzlies to refresh my brain for the upcoming season. I've gotten loads of laundry done, rekindled some friendships that had been on the back burners, and cooked some darn tasty meals courtesy of weekly visits to the farmer's market.

But now it's getting time for me to once again ignore social and domestic responsibilities so we can start pouring far too much of ourselves into Grizzlies basketball and dissect every inch of the landscape in the land of Grit'n'Grind. And as the staff of GBB and I begin this slow pour of thick, syrupy molasses-like goo from our heads and onto the pages of Grizzly Bear Blues, I look to you, the community, for some guidance.

We're preparing to bring you more coverage of the Memphis Grizzlies than has ever been attempted or had by the likes of the internet. We'll have our usual game previews, quick recaps, full recaps and Grind Prophecies for every game this season, like last season but even more consistent. But I'm also incorporating a few new spices into the rub with the addition of Griz Grades, Griz Galleries and some regular statistical breakdowns of how the Grizzlies are performing -- I want to give us plenty of talking points for every game and plenty of opportunities for them to manifest on GBB.

Aside from scheduled coverage of the games, will be bringing you the top shelf of Memphis Grizzlies analysis and opinion you have come to rely on. That includes not only featured pieces from myself and the writers of GBB, but roundtable discussions that give you, the reader, a chance to get into the mix in an informal setting using our partnership with

There's also plenty of other web-based technology floating out there these days. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the GBB Rankers I post from time to time, as well the new Griz Quiz series that I'll throw your way if the breeze hits me just right. We're also trying to publish our fair share of lighthearted content, tidbits relating to pop culture, social events and other subjects that we as a community might have in common. I'm always wanting to try new things, but one only has time for so many adventures, and I'd like you all to help me make sure the time of me and my staff is best utilized.

For example:

  • What are some forms, templates and widgets you'd like to see us delve into?
  • What are some things you wish that you could have at GBB?
  • Do you want more coverage and opinions from us right after games?
  • Would you rather have a regular morning post to check out everyday?
  • Do you want to see more polls and posts that can get you all involved?
  • Do you want me to just STFU most of the time or do you want to know all about my day?

Let us know in the comments below, by email or through this handy survey! Most of this is standardized information, but there's an open form at the bottom of the survey where you can go into more detail.

Take the GBB Survey and help me make the site the best it can be!