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2014-15 NBA Player Rankings: The Memphis Grizzlies take on #301-400

We'll be taking a look at where the Grizzlies show up on ESPN's list of Top 500 NBA players again this year. And, as always, these rankings will determine the exact path of every NBA team this season. These are REAL NUMBERS folks!!

Lance Murphey - NBA

So the good news first: The Grizzlies only have one player ranked in the bottom portion of this list, #401-500, that is probably thrown together at the end of an all-night bender up in the ESPN offices. It's Jarnell Stokes at #422, no biggie -- this is where you'd expect a Grizzlies 2nd round pick to end up (and it's still better than Hasheem Thabeet at #461.) I think the Young Bull of Beale will end up showing us that he's not one of the worst players in the league before this season's over.

While ending up in the initial wave of 100 players that is released doesn't necessarily say anything realistic about a player's ability, it's not a place you want to hang around. (Memphis references alert!) It's not the Hi-Tone, it's not Young Ave Deli, it's not the P&H, it's not even Murphy's or Alex's Tavern at 6AM -- it's sitting out on the street in front of Alex's Tavern with your feet dangling over a storm drain  and drinking straight out of a plastic Pepe Lopez bottle while policemen casually drive by without noticing, because it's simply just on that level of not giving a fuck. References aside, if you're not a rookie, it means you're irrelevant, washed up, insignificant or that you might indeed really suck at basketball.

It's where you'd expect Tayshaun Prince to show up, but because everyone in the league still loves the guy and he has that Einstein-level basketball IQ, he is missing from the unofficial dregs of the NBA. In fact, spoiler, he's not even in the bottom 200. Ah well, you'll know what documentation Dave Joerger is pointing to when he's still starting and giving TP 25 minutes a game in January. #Analytics #TheWrongKindofAnalytics #JK #Kinda

Anyway, to the list of players ranked #301-400, the Grizzlies included and any other notables.

#367 - Jordan Adams

It's worth noting that ranking just ahead of Adams at #366 is T.J. Warren, a player taken 8 picks ahead of Adams in the 2014 NBA Draft. I imagine Jordan got a couple of bumps for his scoring ability and had that balanced with a couple of knocks on his physique.

#317 - Jon Leuer

Johnny Badger, Leuertenant Jon, White Thunder, etc. makes a nice jump up from last year's #389. I really think that if Leuer got 20+ MPG appreciation for him would drastically increase.


#394 - Wayne Ellington

The apex of Wayne's career has got to be that game against the Heat when he was with the Grizzlies. It's just been a steady fall down the stairs since then. (and now he's a Laker... gasp.)

#377 - Rodney Hood

At least the haters of Memphis' 1st round Jordan Adams pick won't be able to use these silly rankings as fuel for their public disgust. (Hood, who many Griz fans coveted, was passed over by Memphis and taken with the next pick in the draft.) At the same time, a ten-spot ranking differential doesn't mean much at this point.

#349 - Austin Daye

Not even a championship with the Spurs could boost the stock of Daye as he falls from his lofty #286 ranking.

#323 - Darrell Arthur

Down from #201 -- this is disappointing. Three years ago I would have figured DA would be climbing into the top 100. Those injuries just really stripped away a blossoming career.


I'll have the next installment up in a few days when they finish numbers 201-300.