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The Memphis Grizzlies win today's sports fan internet with 2014-15 promo item schedule

The Grizzlies have given fans a lot to look forward to when they show up at FedexForum this season.

Joe Murphy - NBA

And I stand by that comment. This franchise knows its strengths and is not afraid to play to them, even if it means stepping outside of the norm. Here's what you can score with some timely attendance to Memphis Grizzlies games this season (quantity allotment in parentheses):

  • October 29th vs. Minnesota - pink Grizzlies headband (10,000)
  • November 3rd vs. New Orleans - Magnet schedule (everyone)
  • November 11th vs. LA Lakers - Grizzlies Camo Hat (5,000)
  • November 23rd vs. LA Clippers - Thank You Cards (5,000)
  • December 5th vs. San Antonio - Rally Flags (10,000)
  • December 19th vs. Chicago - Grizzlies Wrapping Paper (5,000)
  • December 26th vs. Houston - Grizzlies Scarf (3,000)
  • January 17th vs. Portland - Grizz Girl Posters (5,000)
  • January 24th vs. Philadelphia - Rally Flags (10,000)
  • January 31st vs. Oklahoma City - Grizzlies Wrestling Belts (3,000)
  • February 27th vs. LA Clippers - Grizzlies Flip-Flops (5,000)
  • March 14th vs. Milwaukee - Marc Gasol Growth Chart (5,000)
  • March 27th vs. Golden State - Tree Sapling (5,000)
  • April 3rd vs. Oklahoma City - Super Grizz Cape Set (5,000)
  • April 4th vs. Washington - Z-Bow-ties (5,000)
  • April 15th vs. Indiana - Grizzlies Poster (everyone)

That's sixteen opportunities to get some free gear at a game. Bravo, Grizzlies marketing, bravo!

What do you all think? What item would you leave work "sick" to get to the game in time to snag?