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The first thing that comes to mind when we hear "Memphis Grizzlies" and "Wrestling Belts"

The Grizzlies announced that Wrestling Belts would be a promo giveaway for the January 31st matchup of Memphis vs. Oklahoma City, and we just couldn't help ourselves.

Kevin Yeung

(hat tip to Kevin Yeung for the photoshop work!)

There are no lack of references to professional wrestling around this website or in the city of Memphis. And as Chris Herrington pointed out back in April, those references are now growing into ties with the city's passion for basketball.

The Memphis Grizzlies essentially sealed the deal a long time ago with appearances by Jerry Lawler and no shortage of wrestling reenactments from Grizz himself, but they've completely consummated the marriage now with the announcement that they'll be giving out 3,000 Grizzlies Wrestling Belts in January.

That's a serious investment, and one that will likely have fans lining up hours before tipoff to become one of the lucky few to don what will be the relic of the first official crossover of the Memphis Grizzlies and professional wrestling.

Seriously though, Z-Bo, if you're reading ('cause they all are, right?) ... thinking about your post-NBA career ... if you showed up in Memphis once a month[1] to fake-beat-the-asses of a bunch of schmucks you could probably easily pack out the FedexForum.

I'm just saying, those belts look pretty good on you.

[1] I know, he lives in Memphis. But you know what I mean.