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Michael Beasley sexual assault investigation resolved by police

Michael Beasley recently signed to the Memphis Grizzlies' training camp roster as he continues looking for an NBA home following a tumultuous career. We've been able to at least confirm resolution on one troubling aspect of his past.

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A sexual assault case from January 2013 involving newly-signed Grizzlies forward Michael Beasley has been labeled "inactive" by the Scottsdale Police Department, Sergeant Mark Clark told SB Nation's Seth Pollack on Wednesday.

"We did not submit charges," Clark said. "We did not establish probable cause that sexual assault happened."

Clark said the police came to their conclusions after interviewing witnesses and a potential victim. According to The Arizona Republic, the police department also searched for evidence following the claim that was filed on Jan. 13, 2013. The investigation was completed "within a few months" of the initial report according to Clark.

The assault claim came to light in May 2013, during a police investigation of the alleged crime that took place in Beasley's Paradise Valley, Ariz., home.

Beasley, who signed with Phoenix on a three-year, $18 million deal before the 2012-13 season, was waived by the Suns after his first year with them and following two additional run-ins with the law. On Jan. 25, 2013, Beasley was pulled over by Scottsdale Police on multiple traffic violations. The final straw that led to the Suns waiving the forward came in August, when Beasley was pulled over and arrested on marijuana charges.

Last season, the No. 2 overall draft pick from 2008 returned to the Heat, the team that drafted him, and averaged 7.9 points per game on 49.9 percent shooting. He was used sparingly during Miami's playoff run that ended with a loss in the NBA Finals.

Beasley worked out with the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs, among others, before landing with the Grizzlies. His contract is not guaranteed, and he will be fighting for a regular season roster spot.