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GBB Over/Under- Super Cool Beas, #FreeBillSimmons, and Ear Worms

Your Weekly Look Into the Memphis Grizzlies, the NBA, Life, The Universe, and Everything Else

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What Up!!!!!

Some shout outs...

S/O to Joe Mullinax who set the Grizzlies blogosphere on fire with his assessment of whether Marc Gasol is worth a max contract. Is it possible for something to be completely reasonable and absolutely wrong?  (I'm asking for a friend. ;-) )

S/O to Mullinax again for his Q-Pon preview...especially with it ending in a trade proposal of Q-Pon and Prince to Denver for Danilo there is some floor stretching!  But seriously...Pondexter is a valuable asset on a great  contract if he can: 1) stay healthy, and 2) not morph into the low-rent Nick Young -style gunner he was trying to be last season, before he got hurt again.  If not...he has gotsta go.

S/O to Jonah Jordan and his NBA mailbag, where he convinces Beno to swat the ladies off with a stick, admits to having a terrible nickname, and pokes fun at  Ron Artest Metta World Peace The Friendly Panda.  Brave.  May I remind you of the Malice at the Palace?  He will find you.


And finally...s/o to my wife, who asked me "Are you actually writing about sports this week?"

To which I answered, "Mostly..."

Your Memphis Grizzlies

The big news for the Grizzlies this week is the training camp invite for Michael Beasley.  Most of the feedback on him making the roster is either hopeful or overwhelmingly negative.

So, in true Steve Dangle style, I am going to take both sides of the argument...and then let you decide.  Vote in the poll at the bottom of the article.


Training Camp Invite for B-Easy- Do me a favor...check out Andrew Ford's film study here on Grizzly Bear Blues and watch the clip marked "Micheal Beasley takes a bad shot."  Just watch it....

There it is...that's my whole argument, folks.  But I will expound.

Beasley was the second player taken in the 2008 draft by the Miami Heat, drafted over Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, Eric Gordon, and the only player taken in the first round. He may have a better career than Joe Alexander (Miss you White Thunder).  The man has tons of raw and innate basketball ability.  He was a force at Kansas State.  Doc Rivers thought he had a scoring ability in him that rivaled Carmelo Anthony.  Rivers even thought he could win a scoring title.

Allow me sum up B-Easy's illustrious career:

He sucks. The end.

Micheal Beasley has earned 32 million dollars in his career for 13.2 points per game, 5 rebounds, and 35% from three.  He has played for three teams: the Miami heat twice, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Phoenix Suns.  The Heat, who had him on a league minimum salary contract because he was amnestied by the Suns, need scoring off the bench now that Lebron is gone.  They...let...him...go...

He is a B-U-M.  A career-32-million-dollar BUM.  He has all that talent and does not fit within any team system.  The best argument that I heard this week was that Beasley could not help the Heat this past season, and their bench was paper thin.  The problem with Beasley is not his skill, but totally between the ears.  Oh, and there are the drug charges as well.

I think this team can handle a player that is in need of a career reclamation.   We survived AI, Agent X, and even the second coming of White Chocolate.  I am not sure how in need this team is for a player who does not understand how to play professional basketball.


The Training Camp Invite for Super Cool Beas-


What is one thing no team can have too much of???? TALENT BABY!

I'm so excited about this signing I can barely type in full paragraphs.  Here are some bullet points:

  • He was the number two pick in a draft, where it was thought he might have a better career than Derrick Rose. that turned out to be wrong.  But he is only 25 years old, and has a lot of basketball left in him.
  • He is versatile, with the ability to play the 3 or the 4.
  • He has the ability to score, including a career high 42 points in 2011.
  • He makes this team the toughest group of guys in the league.  If a Malice in the Palace situation starts during a Grizzlies game next season with Beas, TA, and Z-Bo on the roster, it might not end for three days.
  • If he makes the roster, there might be more or this:


There are lots of small stories from the NBA this week.  Here are some quick hits:

Over-rated/Under-rated? You decide
  • In the off-season, Lebron James went back to his home town, lost a bunch of weight, and got hair plugs.  Did he change teams or is he going to his high school reunion? *rimshot*
  • Kevin Durant plays NBA2K15 not as himself, but as Lebron James.  I always wondered this about players.  I wonder who Lebron plays.  I bet Kobe would play as himself, that is if he ever did anything besides eat, sleep, and dream basketball.  I'm certain Nick Young plays as himself.  I bet even Swaggy P's video game self has a career mark of four assists, just like in real life.
  • Speaking of Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson this week was asked if Kobe Bryant is a good model for Carmelo Anthony. The wise old sage said no, because no one, not even Michael Jordan, takes training as seriously as Kobe does. I have no doubt that this is true.  Partly because I'm pretty sure Kobe Bryant is not interested in anything else besides basketball, and is a cyborg sent from the future to kill any enjoyment of basketball past, present, or future.  In opposition, Jordan liked gambling, smoking, staying out late, trash talking, growing interesting facial know...all the things that makes being a pro athlete fun. I just feel like if I were to play basketball with both of these guys, I would never get passed to, except that Jordan might throw it to me Steve Kerr-style at the end of a game.  Also, Jordan would be wayyy more fun to hang out with.  I can imagine sitting at Kobe's house eating quinoa and watching his 81 point game over and over and over again.

Life, The Universe, and Everything Else


Bill Simmons suspension-This story really sucks.  In case you do not know by now or have been under a literal rock, Bill Simmons was suspended this week by ESPN for three weeks for reasons unclear.  On his BS Report Podcast with Cousin Sal (literally the only time I spend on the NFL now is listening to their podcast), Bill called the Commissioner of the NFL a liar, along with some other run of the mill curse words.  He then challenged his bosses to suspend him, which they did.  ESPN responded by saying that Simmons comments did not reflect the journalistic integrity of the network.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

First of all...who has ever gone to a podcast for journalistic integrity?  People listen to Bill's podcasts for gambling advice and  jokes made by Cousin Sal that barely make it past the ESPN censors.  We go to podcasts for jokes and laughs and opinions and information, not integrity.  Since when did anyone go to the internet for integrity in the first place (this site...which is awesome...excluded, of course).

Second of all...Bill is right.  Goodell is totally a liar.  Now personally, I went to seminary, not to J-school, so maybe we should ask a journalism student.  But isn't the most important part of journalistic integrity "being right"?

Third, challenging your bosses is never a good idea.  But this feels like smoke from another fire.  Bill's podcasts seem to be so impatient with the NFL recently, and I applaud him for it.  His comments feel like a higher up at ESPN put in a call to Bill and had him tone down his rhetoric.  And Bill was pissed.

As CGrrrrrBrrr said here on this very website this week, the higher ups at ESPN should have handled this privately and let this one go.  Personally, I hope when Bill comes back he lets his contract expire and he walks.  There are a number of networks who would like to get the NBA that would love to have him.  And at least support what he says when he says it.  I mean...even Clay Travis stays on Fox for some reason.


Songs that get stuck in your head-One day this week when I got home from work, my wife and son were getting ready to watch the live action Scooby-Doo know...the one with Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle Gellar.  My son is a fan of classic cartoons, especially The Real Ghostbusters and the original Scooby-Doo.

On a side note, it is nice to be able to watch cartoons I watched when I was a kid and pretend that I am just watching them with him when really I am totally watching them because they are awesome supporting my son by giving him some quality and educational viewing material.

Anyway...The title screen of the Scooby DVD was playing this song

I immediately cocked my ear up and said..."Is that Outkast?"

First of all...made me feel waaaaaay cooler to recognize Outkast from a song I haven't heard in like 100 years.  I decided when my son was born that I had no need to try to act or present myself as cool for the next 12 years, because he would think I'm cool.  But a little recognition of glory days past always helps.

Second, the chorus of this song got stuck in my head all week.

So this week I wanted to share my worst ear worms, or the songs that get stuck in my head and stick there for freaking ever.

The Grateful Dead "Ripple"- Don't take this list to be songs I don't like.  I love American Beauty...and I especially love this song.  But the rhythm of this song is so traditional that it sticks in my brain and will not leave!

Outkast "The Whole World"- I catch a beat running like Randy Moss

The Beatles last half of Abbey Road name is Matt Bishop....and I have an Abbey Road thing.
This is my favorite Beatles album, and short of Exile on Main Street it is my favorite album ever.  I love the cover art.  I love the songs.  I love when other entities do homages to the album.  But I especially love the last half of the album that is one big medley.  Here it is presented as just vocals without music, and the songs stick in my head even worse than before. McCartney's vocals really stand out.
Speaking of McCartney...

Wings "Mull of Kintyre"- This song is the truest definition of an ear worm.  I got this song stuck in my head a few weeks ago, and I haven't thought about it in YEARS!!!!!  It just kinda comes and goes.  Maybe its the bagpipes.

Bob Seger- Against the Wind- The first time I heard this song was in Forrest Gump.  There is that great scene after Jenny does that he decides to go running and doesn't come back for like two years.  Most of that scene is really stupid, like the smiley face t shirt and the sh@t happens bumper sticker.  But there is a close up of Forrest's bearded face with this song playing in the background.  I'm not saying I have ever openly cried during this scene, but, it does get a little dusty in here.

"Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then."

Side note- is it me...or is every Seger song exactly the same?  A very catchy song for two minutes, followed by repeating the chorus for at least another three.  Can I get a special edition with just the catchy part?

And finally...the Wrath of Khan style worst Ear Worm Award goes to....

Wayne Newton "Danke Schoen"- Go ahead...give it a try...see how long you'll be replaying this one in your head.

I'll wait...

Bet you hate me now don't you...

Send me your worst ear worms in the comment section

Till next week...