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Jarnell Stokes still soaking in his return home

First up at Media Day was the enthusiastic Young Bull of Beale Street!

Joe Murphy

Memphis Grizzlies Media Day

That, folks, is the smile of someone who is very happy to be where he is.

It would also behoove Stokes to learn multiple positions so that he can garner more playing time and possibly see the floor when either Z-Bo or Marc are out there.

Stokes is going to see Randolph's A-game in practice much of the time. He was drafted to eventually be his replacement, which probably triggered a new level of competitiveness for Z-Bo.

This is true, Jarnell. But you're always an injury or two away from having to go out there. Stay ready and such!

Hey, it's a mind**** for a lot of us. I remember when there wasn't anything there but a drab looking field.

Stay tuned for more player/personnel updates and for the actual audio from Jarnell's interview!