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Marc Gasol plans to be a more aggressive leader, not worried about contract extension

Good news everyone. Marc looks to possibly be changing in the ways we need and staying the same in the ways we want.

Joe Murphy - NBA

Memphis Grizzlies Media Day

This is a great time for me to let you all know that we'll be having a reporter covering Training Camp in San Diego, we should be able to give you first hand accounts of "what he has."

Cue Tony Allen gambling debt joke.

THIS is what I like to hear, folks. Buckle up!

This is the same attitude Marc had the last time the Grizzlies were trying to keep him around. I honestly believe that Marc isn't worried about it and has every imaginable intention of staying in Memphis.

I bet you'd do it a little differently, say perhaps, not getting knocked out by the French?

OMGOMGOMG, am I reading this correctly?