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Mike Conley emerging as an iron-forged leader for the Grizzlies, prepared for his increased role

Joe Murphy - NBA

Memphis Grizzlies Media Day

Some of this might start sounding redundant, but this team has some very unifying themes going on this year. GO ON WITH GETTING ON THAT SAME PAGE, Y'ALL!

You, Mike Conley, most certainly got better with age.

I'm pretty sure you haven't heard anyone in the locker room say this in several years. #GoodThings

To be fair, Tony wasn't ever on a bad team, and Zach only had one rough year to start his tenure here. Mike and Marc definitely have some experience with bad teams, but all four players have been through the fire together, and that's what's important here.

And I think leaving it at "a little bit" is the key here. Even a svelte Marc Gasol won't be able to fly up and down the court for 35 minutes a game, and Z-Bo is definitely going to still be plodding through the mud.

Right = take less money and stay in Memphis 4ever, right?

150% healthy, nice. That means he'll need to grab some Mega Man E Tanks while he's in San Diego.

You're ready Mike. Take us to the promised land.