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Vince Carter is going to be flexible for the Grizzlies, proactively seeking his role

Joe Murphy - NBA

Memphis Grizzlies Media Day

Vince, if you'd been watching the Grizzlies for the past couple of years you'd be aware that people around here are used to getting buck-wild crazy over non-high-flying scoring. *See Marc, Mike and Zach -- they've probably combined for less than 100 total dunks since they've been in Memphis.

To get to see you play at this age at a high level (for the Memphis Grizzlies) is a dream come true, amiright?

: )

"Initiative to fit in" -- that is awesome. VC proactively seeking his role for the Grizzlies should help the team find that hot start that everyone keeps talking about.

There's probably a few gals around FedexForum who did as well.

I have a feeling that scaling back Carter's game won't really be necessary this year unless some of the other wings start catching fire.

Me too Vince, because there's a certain teammate of yours whose playing time I'd love to see him siphon off.