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Memphis Grizzlies Reportedly Interested in Australia Guard Joe Ingles

Per Marc Stein of ESPN, Memphis is a potential suitor for the services of Joe Ingles, the Australian guard who seems to be drawing some important attention from NBA executives and scouts at the FIBA World Cup.


On Sunday, Grizz Nation came across this headline:

Not much time had passed until another piece of news caught Grizzlies fans' eyes:

Two days later, ESPN's Marc Stein decides to throw his own curveball:

Volume of news coming through the Grizzlies' wire?  Not too shabby for a Labor Day weekend in the NBA and yet an interesting sequence at that, especially after an offseason that witnessed Memphis already gain valuable shooting in the form of Vince Carter and Jordan Adams, while watching another key sharpshooter in Mike Miller bolt to his buddy's hometown.

At least we know the first two bits of news have actually come to fruition.  The question still remains whether this so-called interest in Australia guard Joe Ingles will actually do the same.  As soon as Stein reported that Memphis is among the teams interested in Ingles, he made sure to point out the Grizzlies' current state of financial affairs:

Are the Grizzlies sincerely trying to steer clear from the luxury-tax line?  Would a Marc Gasol (a reportedly big fan of Ingles) endorsement be the key ingredient that would force management's hand into spending some cash on an international name receiving hype comparable to the amount attributed earlier this offseason to Chicago Bulls' Nikola Mirotic?

Ingles has been a significant contributor to the 2-1 Australian national team at the FIBA World Cup, as they are in second place in the standings of Group D.  He is averaging 15.7 ppg and 3.0 apg on a team that also features Spurs forward Aron Baynes, Saint Mary's pride-and-joy Matthew Dellavadova (ok, so maybe Patty Mills is Saint Mary's true pride-and-joy...but, nonetheless...), and Dante Exum, who holds an important key into the Utah Jazz's future.  He has stepped up his game as Australia misses valuable production from the likes of Andrew Bogut and the aforementioned Mills.  He has had a couple of Summer League stints with the Golden State Warriors, during the summers of 2009 and 2010.  Maybe that's not experience in which to invest valuable stock, given the time elapsed and watered-down competition level of the Summer League.  Nevertheless, his current play in the FIBA World Cup may be sufficient evidence worth considering as a potential part of the Grizzlies' portfolio for the upcoming season.

Is he worth it, Mr. Pera?  What do you think, Mr. Wallace?  Better yet, Coach Joerger, do you want Ingles in your rotation?  One thing should be considered:  if Gasol wants Ingles...and Gasol is a free agent after this season...then it shouldn't matter whether Gasol's request is phrased in Spanish or English...the roster and rotation just might need to include some form of Ingles.  Otherwise, this could potentially become a sticking point that forces extension negotiations with Gasol to become lost in translation.

And if Ingles does join the fold, this is a glimpse of what Grizzlies' fans can look forward to watching over the course of next season...