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GBBLive The Radio Show Episode 2 Featuring Austin Reynolds and Tom Ziller!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzly Bear Blues Live (The Radio Show) will air again this Friday from 8:30-10am on 730AM Yahoo! Sports Radio. In the first segment (8:30am-9am), host Chip Williams will be joined by fellow GBB writer and one of the newest additions to the staff, Austin Reynolds (@ReynoldsRant on Twitter) Austin came up with the tremendously fun idea of having a Memphis Grizzlies Fantasy Draft. We'll go over that with him as well as talk about other articles on the site, the World Cup, and why I'm burnt out on college just 2 weeks into the semester.

In the second segment (9am-9:30am), we're going to be doing things a little bit differently. If you'll recall, we booked guests for all 3 segments last week. It was great, but I wanted to allow some time to get involved with the listeners. What I plan on doing is coming up with the top 5 events/stories that have happened throughout the course of the week (not all will be Grizz or even basketball related, so if you want to talk about football or really anything, this would be the ideal time) and then take call/tweets on them. I want this segment to be as interactive as possible. Please call or tweet into the show, and I think we can have a ton of fun with this. The call in number for listeners is 901-452-3094. Tweet in to the show @GBBLive or @chipwilliamsjr. Don't be shy! I promise we'll have a really good time with it.

The third segment has been, for lack of a better term, the 'Big Interview' segment. Last week, we had Amin Elhassan from ESPN, and Amin was fantastic, as always. This week, I think we may have even one upped ourselves by getting Tom Ziller (@teamziller on Twitter). Tom is the founding editor of SB Nation's Sacramento Kings blog, Sac Town Royalty. He also is a national NBA writer for SB Nation with his blog called The Hook ( He is a very smart, funny, and witty guy who should make for a fantastic interview. I want to talk about Grizz, World Cup, and maybe a NBA season preview, but there's no telling what all we will get into. I just know, you won't want to miss it.

I very much look forward to talking to everyone on Friday morning form 8:30-10am on 730AM Yahoo! Sports Radio in Memphis, TN. Don't forget, you can listen on the TuneIn Radio App station KQPN or online!. See ya Friday!