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GBB Over/Under: Playing Hurt, Another Grizz Funeral, and Skewing Old

Your weekly look into all things Memphis Grizzlies, the NBA, and Life, the Universe, and Everything Else

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

(Editor's note: I picked the photo so blame me, not Matt - CF)

Before we get started...

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am playing hurt (PUP list) this week.  I ear infection.  Yes, I am a grown man with an ouchie in his ear.

The solution when I went to the doctor was simple: a round of antibiotics, and something called an ear lavage.  An ear lavage is is a fancy word for an ear bath.  You hold a bucket at the base of your ear while a nurse shoots round after round of hydrogen peroxide into your ear, freeing all the wax and day-to-day crap that gets trapped in there.  As fun as that sounds...and it was not... but there is one very glorious result:


On the way home as my ear started to fry I felt like the city came alive with the sound of music.  I could hear bugs fly by.  I heard knocks in my terrible car's engine.  I think I can even hear what people think now. I always believed that years of headphones and guitars had ruined my hearing.  Nope...the only thing hurting my hearing was my beloved Q-Tips, which have been banished from my kingdom!

I went home and immediately told my wife that I wanted to listen to everything I had on my Spotify lists, to make sure I still liked the bands.  So far I still like the Avett Brothers and the first half of Yeezus.

So I'm playing hurt today... but I'm a gamer...I'm a team player.

Some shout-outs:

S/O to that nurse that "lavaged" my ear in the last thirty minutes of her shift on a Friday...she could not get rid of me any faster afterward.

S/O to the staff here at Grizzly Bear Blues for making me feel so welcome this week...sniff (getting dusty in here)

S/O to my beloved Texas Longhorns who put out forth an excellent effort against the BYU Cougars, making me feel so pro...SARCASM SARCASM SARCASM

*bangs head on keyboard*

S/O to Raleigh McCool for his article on the top twenty five things he misses about basketball..making me miss basketball even more than those dreaded Longhorns do. Oh...and his other article about how much a mistake the Texas Rangers made by signing Shin-Soo Choo also gave me the warm fuzzies...

Can basketball season just start already???

The Memphis Grizzlies


An Irish Funeral for Jamaal Franklin- Just like last week...we are here to honor/roast/bury another in the long line of former Grizzlies:

Photo credit: Justin Ford - USA TODAY Sports

Franklin was a three sport star (basketball, football, and track) at Serano High School in Phelan, California, where he lead the state of California in scoring his senior season.

He matriculated at San Diego State University on a basketball scholarship.  In his three years at SDSU,  he would rack up an All-American Award and the Mountain West Player of the Year his junior year.  Here are some highlights:

Nothing to really write home about.

He would declare for the NBA draft in 2013.  He was originally projected as a low first round pick, but his lack of shooting ability and apparent lack of effort pushed him into the second round where he was snatched up by the Grizzlies at pick # 41.

The Grizzlies would send him to the D-League multiple times during his first season with the team.  Franklin struggled to get minutes with the big boys, even when the injury to Quincy Pondexter thinned the wing core.  Here are some highlights from his first season:



Nah...I'm kidding....I found some

Nice "steal" on Kobe...but overall....


After a season where Jamaal would average 1.9 points per game in very few minutes, a terrible summer league, and a full roster, Franklin was waived by the Grizzlies.

Jamaal was next in a line of Grizzlies draft picks to be sent packing.  As a matter of fact, there are only three players left on the roster that were drafted by the Grizzlies: Mike Conley, Jordan Adams, and Jarnell Stokes.  The latter two were drafted this year.  As a matter of fact, in the years since Mike was drafted:

2008: Drafted Kevin Love (who was traded to Minnesota for O.J Mayo left as a FA in 2012) and Donte Green (who was traded to Houston for Darrel Arthur, who was traded to Denver for Kosta Koufus last year).

2009: Drafted Hasheem Thabeet (we've been over this), DeMarre Carroll (involved in the Thabeet trade), and Sam Young (who was traded for the rights to Ricky Sanchez, who will never play here)

2010:  Drafted Xavier Henry (ugh...traded as part of the three way deal that brought the Grizzlies Mo Speights), Dominique Jones (traded to Dallas for straight cash homey), and General Greivis Vasquez (traded to the New Orleans Hornets for QPon.)

2011: Drafted Josh Shelby (who had the greatest summer league ever...then was traded to the Cavs along with Speights, and Wayne Ellington for Jon Leuer...and was waived.).

2012: Drafted Tony Wroten (MURDER T WROTE!!!..who was traded to the 76ers for room on the roster...But at least he gave us this game...)

So...the Grizzlies have had seven years of drafts and have ended up with four roster players, plus the two new ones this year...

Tough draft history....


So we say good bye to the Grindson, the only cool thing about you was your nickname...



The Likelihood of Marc Gasol Signing an Extension This Season- First of Knicks fans need to crawl back into your holes of mediocrity and self-shame.  Frank Isola has been tweeting about future Knick Marc Gasol.  Stop - just stop.  Here is the dirty little secret about the Knicks...NO ONE WANTS TO GO THERE UNLESS THEY WANT A S-TON OF MONEY. And I'm looking at you, Melo.

But the heartburn around Memphis this year will be the re-negotiation of Marc's contract.  Marc can be a UFA on July 1 next year, or he can negotiate an extension on starting on December 12th.  According to Chris Herrington, one of the few people who understands parts of the CBA besides Larry Coon and Mark Deeks, the difference can be staggering.  If the extension is the route chosen, then two factors are at play.  The base starting salary for an extension is $17 million, and the length would be around 3 years following next season.  If they wait until Marc is a free agent and offer him the max, the base starting salary is $18 million, ends at $24 million, and can last for up to five years following next year.  Let's make this easy on the reader:

Combined salary for a Gasol extension: $55 Million

Combined salary for a Gasol Max Contract: $108 Million

I'm not very good at math, but that is more than $50 million dollars of difference, along with two more years of guaranteed money with the max deal.

But do not fret dear reader, for I shall break out the crystal ball and predict with odds what may happen:

2:1 Resigns with a max deal in the off season

5:1 Resigns in the off season with a max contract on a shorter deal (three years instead of five)

10:1 Extends contract by three years

100:1 Signs with the Cavs

1000:1 Signs with the Lakers

1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000:1 Signs with the Knicks


Not much news this week.

Come back next week...its not like there was another racist NBA owner or something.

Life, The Universe, and Everything Else


Making Tony's Mailbag- I have found that sometimes the key to success in life and feeling fulfilled is to make small goals and revel when they are met.  Well, I am using this space to do just that.

I have been a dedicated listener to the Tony Kornheiser Show since the national days in the early 2000's.  I remember his last show on national radio very clearly.  I have also been a listener to the podcast on his current radio show on ESPN 980 in Washington D.C.

You may ask me..."why don't you just watch PTI?"  I do...but this show is when Tony is at his best.  He gets to yammer on about his day, his driving, people he hates, and on and on.

At the end of every broadcast he reads a series of emails from listeners about the show, mostly in jokes about the show, and insults of Mr. Tony and the crew.  I have been trying to get my email read on the show since shortly after my son was born in May of 2013.  I was off from work that day taking my wife to her last OBGYN appointment.  We were listening to some music that she had chosen, and Billy Joel's Famous Last Words came on.

My wife began to explain what this song meant to her, and how it often crept back into her life when big changes were coming.  I exclaimed "I know this song...It's Mr. Tony's song that he plays before he goes on vacation for the summer and threatens to never come back."  We had a great laugh about this...and the next day we had a son.

I decided that this story needed to be told and read over radio waves.  So I emailed into the show this very story, full of wonder, jokes, and weeping commentary about my newly expanded family.

And that email...

Went un-read.

So I tried again when the show returned after Labor Day last September.  No dice.  I have tried several times since then...nothing.

Till this week...

TK SHOW 9-4-14

Skip ahead to 41:20...where you will hear the following email....

"Matt in Huntsville...Welcome Back Old Sport...Congrats on not dying"

Poetry in motion, baby.


Ryan Adams' new record-

(This one is going to be a doozy.  If I already haven't lost every reader under twenty-five with the Tony Kornheiser bit, a reference to both Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan oughta do it)

This week, Ryan Adams releases his thirteenth studio album, Ryan Adams (clever title).  I have not listened to this album as of yet, mostly because I like to take my time and dive in with both feet with most Adams records, but you can here.

I am a huge fan of all of his music.  I think the Heartbreaker is one of the best albums ever made.  I even love the saccharin-sweet music on his last album Ashes and Fire.   Sometimes its a good thing when our favorite artists are in a good place (like married to Mandy Moore for five years now).

Anyway, this leads me to the first time I heard a Ryan Adams record.

It was August of 2001.  I was a sophomore at a small Mississippi Delta school (Go Okra!) and I had two tickets to see Bob Dylan in Little Rock.  I will freely admit that Dylan is not for everyone, but he is for me.  And he is for my father, who introduced Dylan to me when I was a teenager.  So of course when this show came around, who do I ask to go with?  My dad.

We were late leaving so I am tearing through eastern Arkansas with reckless abandon.  We get to the show right on time, find that out tickets are in the orchestral pit right down front, and get ready for an amazing show...which it was.  For two hours Dylan lead through his back catalog, smattering a few hits here and there.  It was a magical night, made all the better by the couple standing next to us who were using my dad as a shield while they smoked pot.  I'm not saying we had a contact high, but I'm not not saying it either.  Anyway, we had the best Waffle House on the ride home. *WeWereHungry*

Later that night with my dad asleep in the seat next to me as I drove, I was listening to a small blues station in West Helena, Arkansas.  After a night of Dylan on the stage, and  the Allman Brothers and Derek and the Dominoes on my portable CD player, this blues station was just what the doctor ordered.  Around midnight, they played O Sweet Carolina, a track from Adams' first album Heartbreaker.  It was just beautiful and moving as I passed cotton fields shrouded in night sky

I miss Kentucky/And I miss my family/Oh the sweetest winds they blow across the south

I went to the local music store (yes we had those, I miss them everyday) and asked the clerk for a song with that line in it.  He knew just what I was talking about, and I am sure I paid way too much for that album.

Now these two singer/songwriters are etched together in my mind.  When one does something the other will always be related to me.

So thanks Dylan for having a show that night in Little Rock, impressing a whole new generation of fans, and for all of Blonde on Blonde.

Thanks to that radio station for playing that song in the middle of the night that really did not fit a blues format.

Thanks to my dad for introducing me to sports and music and always making both fun.

Thanks for reading...see you next week.