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Marc Gasol standing strong in All-Star voting, Randolph makes appearance, and Conley ever-snubbed

An update on where the Memphis Grizzlies stand in the Western Conference All-Star voting.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis Grizzlies star center Marc Gasol currently sits in 3rd place in Western Conference All-Star voting for the front court, right behind Blake Griffin and Anthony Davis. This standing would be good enough to have Gasol making his first start in the NBA All-Star game. Marc will need to maintain his elite performances to keep up with the likes of 4th and 5th place: the ever-achieving Tim Duncan and the possibly surging Kevin Durant.

The double-doubley Zach Randolph also makes an appearance at #15 in the West front court, but barring a dozen or so 20/15 games in the next few weeks, there's not going to be much of a push from fan voting for #50.

But the real disappointment here is the absence of Mike Conley's name from list of Western guards. I know it's a packed house in this category, but it's tragic that Rajon Rondo's votes from the Eastern voting apparently carry over to the West, and what in the hell is Jeremy Lin doing on here?

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