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Recapping the Enemy: The View From New Orleans

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Pelicans fans

The following are actual comments gathered from New Orleans forums

Pre-game views

Z-Bo does not have a prayer of guarding AD. AD also will have his hands full with Z-Bo.

Someone at the game should shout "You just got traded, Prince!"

Apparently there is a good Grizz turnout tonight

There were a lot of Griz fans in ATL too. America's Team.

In-game views

ad u got prince on u, post that fool up.

First quarter in a long time where I don't have even one complaint.

memphis is getting WAY too many 2nd chance points.

Gasol isn't human

Wow Gasol is something else

Now that is how you finish a half.

Grizz are amping up the physicality

Koufos is unreal.

We are playing the refs and the Grizzlies right now.

Grizz coach doing us a huge favor by sitting gasol this long.

Omer needs to compete against gasol. Very poor defense

Post-game views

When's the last time the Pelicans made 10 3's in a game?

Big win. The rollercoaster continues.

AD played the best defence I've seen him play in a while

Expected win. The Pelicans have the Grizzlies number.

It feels good to beat Memphis

Why was Randolph crying so much? Did he forget to take his midol tonight or is he just that much of a whiner?

Pelicans fans views on the Pondexter trade

We all wanted a cheap 3 and D, plus we get rid of salmons, can't complain.

nice to have q-pon back. Loving the line-ups tonight, he should fit in smoothly.

I wonder which locker room does he go in?

Pondexter might be the missing link, good team needs to be 8 deep can Pondexter be the 8th?

Why do Boston and Memphis need New Orleans? They can just trade Green for Prince and a protected first.It doesn't make sense to give away Q-Pon.

Not a big fan of Q-Pon's game. Doesn't seem to have much of a 3pt shot to be a 3 and D type of guy.

Q pon has not been an NBA player this season.

love it, before injuries Qpon looked like he could be a premier 3 and D in this league. He was making huge strides. Hopefully he is healthy.

Q-Pon is a much better fit for here than Memphis. We have tons of ball handlers who can get him open for the 3. Memphis has Conley and that is basically it.

I'm not thrilled with long term money, but he's immediately the best wing defender on this roster. And we traded nothing.

I hope Q turns it around. He's a really likable guy that just seems to be in a rut.