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Memphis Grizzlies vs. Phoenix Suns, final score 122-110 in a bizarre and thrilling double overtime

The Grizzlies had a quick start to tonight's match and looked to be in control most of the game. However, the Phoenix Suns fought back but were unable to beat Memphis in double OT.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis came into tonight's game on a two game losing streak, while the Suns looked to finish their four game road trip with a win.

The Grizzlies started out with energy, taking a 14-4 lead with 5:58 in the first quarter. Zach Randolph had the Grizzlies' first 12 points of the game and ended up with a season high 27 points to go along with 17 rebounds. Memphis took a 51-41 lead going into the third. Though the Grizzlies let their lead slip to single digits multiple times, they seemed to be in cruise control. Yet, the Grizz couldn't quite put away Phoenix and the lead was finally cut to 3 with 6:26 left in the game.

But Memphis responded, building up a 7 point lead with 2:18 left in regulation. Mike Conley sunk 2 free throws with less than a minute left, expanding the Grizzlies' lead to 6. The game seemed to be almost put away. Phoenix came storming back, with P.J. Tucker making a controversial layup with 5 seconds left (the backboard was tampered with by a Phoenix player as he pulled on the net, thus affecting the ball and shaking the backboard. No goal tending was called). Despite three attempts from Conley, Gasol, and Randolph on the final possession, Memphis was unable to win at the buzzer and was forced to head into OT.

Memphis only made one shot from the field (a Mike Conley and-one layup) but was 5/5 from the free throw line in the first OT. Eric Bledsoe made a clutch three with 33 seconds left, but Courtney Lee tied the game with two free throws (he had a great night with 18 points). Phoenix had a chance to win at the buzzer, but Memphis forced double overtime with lock down defense on the Suns.

In double overtime, Big Spain took over, as he had seven points in the period. On the other hand, the Suns only had one made shot. Phoenix also had three starters foul out during the two overtimes, while Zach Randolph fouled out in 2OT.

Memphis survives at home by beating the Suns by twelve, and now the Grizzlies have two days off before playing against the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night.

(Editor's note: And Marc Gasol survived a game of dodgeball with Nick Calathes. -CF)