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Report Card: Grizzlies vs. Suns, Grizz Get a Big W on Tony's B-Day

The Grizzlies grant Tony Allen his birthday wish and extinguish the Suns in double overtime. For our present to Tony, we curved the Grizz grades a little.

Grizzlies Report Card

Suns 110 - Grizzlies 122 (2OT)

Mike Conley: 42 MINS | 25 PTS | 9-18 FG | 4-7 3FG | 8 AST | 7 REB | 7 TO | +22

Grade: B+

We've arrived at a pretty nice point in Mike Conley's career that a 25/8/7 performance (with four threes!) leaves something to be desired. Mike was not-quite-Mike-like tonight until late in the second half, when he began canning some of his traditionally massive treys, and finishing on some wild scoop shots in the paint. The major blemish on Mike's night is the "seven" in the turnover chart, but a handful of those can be attributed to Alex Len's surprising length while defending the pick and roll.

Courtney Lee: 44 MINS | 18 PTS | 7-13 FG | 2-5 3FG | 2 REB | 2 AST | 2 STL | +16

Grade: B-

Courtney was kind of all over the place tonight. He began the evening attempting to assassinate innocent fans in the first row behind the baseline, such were the ferocity of his first quarter bricks. And then, well, he pretty well regained his touch and actually played a giant role in the win tonight. Lee sandwiched two threes around the halftime break, and continued his offensive efficiency in the second half. He was in the right place at the right time to end the first overtime, scavenging that steal from Isaiah Thomas--plus he knocked down those pressure free throws to extend the game.

Tony Allen: 41 MINS | 12 PTS | 5-11 FG | 6 REB | 2 AST | 2 STL | +16

Grade: B for birthday boy!

Tonight was Tony Allen's birthday, and he did not let us forget this. Tony was in prime Allenian form on this, his 33rd birthday, beginning the night with some active birthday hands, which led to some early birthday presents from the Suns' wobbly ballhandlers. What followed was a Tony-style mashup of awkward birthday jumpers; ugly birthday fadeaways; bad birthday turnovers; questionable birthday shot choices; a downright amazing steal and birthday pose during game action; a bout of convicted birthday defense on Eric Bledsoe at the end of the first overtime; a large birthday rebound and another mid-game pose; and the capper: a blow-out-the-candles birthday dunk to give the Grizzlies a nine point overtime lead.

Zach Randolph: 42 MINS | 27 PTS | 11-16 FG | 17 REB | 4 AST | 2 BLK | 7 TO | +19

Grade: A

Good heavens, Zach! Randolph scored the first twelve points of the game for the Grizzlies, abusing Markieff Morris in the process. ZBo racked up 18 first half points on his way to 27 for the game. The man was hungry for boards, and snatched 17 of those. Randolph was sloppy with the ball, committing seven turnovers and eventually fouling out, but I'm going to chalk those up to Zach's much-needed offensive aggression.

Marc Gasol: 42 MINS | 12 PTS | 5-14 FG | 9 REB | 2 AST | 4 BLK | +13

Grade: C

Marc had a strange night. Alex Len actually out-scored and -rebounded the big man, and looked generally capable when facing Gasol. Big Spain did vanquish many other Suns' shot attempts, however: notably smashing a Goran Dragic shot into the hardwood in the first half, and ruining some poor Morris' attempt in the second OT. That block was able to (finally!) urge Marc's lethargic offensive performance into gear, as the refreshed Gasol poured in seven huge points down the stretch.


Kosta Koufos: 18 MINS | 5 PTS | 2-5 FG | 2 REB | -3

Grade: B-

I must have blacked out during Kosta's 18 minutes. Makes you wonder what else I missed.

Beno Udrih: 16 MINS | 9 PTS | 4-6 FG | 3 REB | 2 AST | 2 TO | -10

Grade: B+

Really thought Beno was typically good tonight. The Grizzlies' second unit was getting blazed while Udrih was out there (hence his team-worst -10 plus/minus), but Beno's frenetic offensive output (his second straight game of nine points in sixteen minutes or less) continues to be indispensable. I will never not shout "BENOOOO!!!" after one of those pull-up j's.

Vince Carter: 17 MINS | 4 PTS| 1-8 FG | -4

Grade: D+

Umm, perhaps what I will say here is that Vince really should consider avoiding those black Nikes he's been wearing. Those kicks, combined with his increasingly clangy shooting, make him look seventy-five years old.

Jon Leuer: 11 MINS | 3 PTS | 1-2 FG | 6 REBS| -5

Grade: C-

Leuer was pretty nonexistent on offense, but came in and snatched half a dozen boards during a frisky little stretch.

Nick Calathes: 16 MINS | 7 PTS | 3-7 FG | 1 AST | 1 STL | -4

Grade: B-

Nick Calathes had a little birthday party for himself there in the second quarter, when he scored seven Grizzly points in less than a minute. It was a thrilling if brief stretch, and it required the Suns to use a timeout, and netted Nick several enthusiastic high-fives on the bench. Two minutes later, Calathes would notch his only assist, and, well, that was about all Nick Calathes did tonight.