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Farewell Sweet Prince: Lamentayshauns

A look back at Tayshaun Prince's tenure in Memphis.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tayshaun Prince had an up and down tenure in Memphis. Replacing (not on the court, but in the minds of some fans) Rudy Gay was a difficult task. After being traded to Memphis it was obvious the Grizzlies had made the right decision. His defense and rebounding have been key in playoff series. Shooting the ball has been a struggle over the past few years, but he overcame that with thunderous dunks and a semi successful post up game.

It may have been an up and down few years for Prince, but I don't think anyone could have imagined the success that this team has had with him. A consistently great defense, countless wins, winning two playoff series and appearing in the Grizzlies first ever Western Conference Finals are among what the Grizzlies have achieved in his stay here. His stay may have been short, but Prince was a great Grizzly on and off the court.

Now he is headed to Boston in a trade for Jeff Green so this is a great time to re-live some of his best moments in a Grizzlies uniform. Let's hope they waive him so he can compete for a title before it's too late.


There was his start. It gave everyone hope for the future.

He helped shut down the dreaded Clippers en route to the Grizzlies first ever Western Conference Finals.

There was that one time where he crushed the Thunder's dreams and almost killed himself.

He wasn't scared of the Spurs!

Tayshaun loves him some chase down blocks!

Everyone thought he was dead after a rough and injury filled season.

He proved us all was wrong.

Remember when he turned back the clock and jammed on Brandan Wright? Yea me too.

Farewell sweet Prince! You will be missed!