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Memphis Grizzlies officially acquire Jeff Green from Boston Celtics

We drew it out for a week, but now the deed is done.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies have sent Tayshaun Prince and a future protected 1st round pick to the Boston Celtics for Jeff Green. Memphis also receives Russ Smith in exchange for sending Quincy Pondexter and their 2015 2nd round pick to New Orleans, who sends Austin Rivers to Boston.

The protections on the future first round pick that Memphis relinquished go as follows:

2017 1-10 protected, 2018 1-12 protected, 2019 1-8 protected, 2020 1-6 protected, 2021 unprotected.

There will be plenty of discussion on the trade in the coming hours and days, but there's already a plethora of coverage on the subject from this morning.

As for my personal opinion, I'd like to see Jeff Green play a few minutes with the Grizzlies before I expound upon my initial comparison of "losing your virginity to a prostitute" I made a few weeks ago.

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