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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Phoenix

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Suns fans following their 2OT loss in Memphis

The following are actual comments gathered from Phoenix forums

Pre-game views

When teams like Memphis and Chicago aka physical teams plays us it always reminds me of my high school days when our varsity team would scimmage against fr-soph team. It looks like men playing against boys.Would be nice to see a change for once.

I don't want to see Courtney Lee show.

I can't remember the last time we won in Memphis. Probably before they got Z-BO.

This game is important for us to tell if we're a playoff team. I expect a good one.

In-game views

No way can Kieff contain Randolph, he's abusing him.

Grizz with those active hands have Suns out of sync.

Same old story. We just can't play against the Grizzlies.

Bledsoe-Dragic looks D-league level against Grizzlies.

I already lost my hope for this one. Matchup problem is so big, it's ridiculuous. Z-Bo is eating Kieff alive. Our guys can't dribble the ball inside the 3-point line without someone getting their hand on it.

Calathes looking like an all-star right now. Back court needs to step it up BIG time.

Yeah, Tony Allen hitting jumpers.That's so suns.

Griz up 5 and the crowd doesn't even care. They are the most boring team in the NBA.

Wow, refs.

TUCKER ahahaa that was rolling off! Good job Bled?

Goes to show how stupid these refs have been.

This is funny shi$&@. Tucker would have missed the layup but bledsoe illegally grabs the net and shakes the rim to allow the ball to go in. I'm laughing so hard.

No way we are allowed to win this one after that botched call.

We are getting brutalized!

I thought we were gonna get a backcourt violation .. wow.

Had the win now we will lose in double OT and deserve to if we do.

About to be a blowout in 2OT.

Post-game views

Conley is one of those pgs that can dribble for 20 seconds and still make something positive happen. Can't say that for many pgs in the NBA.

Suns will beat Memphis when Randolph retires.

You can't teach iq and Grizz are filled with players with high iq just seeing how they play and share the ball is beautiful to watch.

Marc is such a nice player.

I hate the way the Grizz play reminds me of how Spurs played boring basketball in 2000s.

Zach Randolph absolutely owned our bigs tonight, mainly Markieff. Giving up 27 points and 17 rebounds to Randolph seems pretty much par for the course every time we play the Grizz.

Did you all really expect us to beat Memphis on the road after they've manhandled us for the last half decade?

That's now 6 in a row they've beaten us, right? We cannot guard ZBO and Gasol down low. Also, Conley always has a big game against us.