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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Brooklyn

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Nets fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Brooklyn forums

Pre-game views

Maybe the Grizz will throw the game for their old coach? Only way we win.

I actually think we can win this one. Who knows the Griz player weaknesses like Hollins. Jack has the size/bulk to overpower Conley. Allen is a great defender but he is a little undersized to play JJ. Memphis plays two bigs so we can use Plumlee/Lopez.

Let's go NETS live in Memphis but don't do GRIZZLIES

In-game views

Plumlee abusing ZBO

this doesn't look good...

Courtney Lee has 16 and JJ has 5? Who's the star again

2 free throw attempts for the entire team. You can't be any softer than that.

Lopez is so god damn awful and the biggest pussy in the league. He's getting his ass destroyed by Gasol tonight.

It's disgusting how many fouls Memphis are getting compared to the nets. They've shot 20+ free throws 12 alone just in the third quarter

Post-game views

Memphis is a solid basketball team, we are nowhere close to being one.

I miss Vince carter so much... Dumbest trade ever.

10 free throw attempts in a FULL game is a joke. Giving up 60 points in the paint is a joke. We have no pride whatsoever.

The Nets are so goddamn BAD that Hollins is gushing over his former players. That's because the core of the Grizzlies are dudes that have PRIDE and play like MEN.

those guys were puppies, now they're men - Lionel Hollins

Hollins body language is so bad. Never cheered when Lopez made some points late in the game. He really doesn’t like Lopez now.

i dont care what he did in memphis. since he came to the nets he has been terrible