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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Orlando Magic

The report card for the Grizzlies' win over the Orlando Magic.

Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 106 - Magic 96

Coach Dave Joerger:

Grade: A

No Mike Conley and you have to implement a new player into the lineup? No problem. He shortened the rotation and rode with Jeff Green down the stretch and it worked. I think resting Vince Carter for the Portland game was a good decision, especially if Coach Joerger wants him to play well.


Beno Udrih: 29 MINS | 15 PTS | 6-12 FGS | 5 ASTS | +5

Grade: B-

I was surprised that Beno got the start against the Magic. Elfrid Payton presents a huge matchup problem for him. His defense and Beno's lack thereof provided the Magic rookie with a career night. Beno still was effective on offense off the pick and roll and did an ok job with Mike out. If Mike is out for a second straight game, I don't think Beno will be starting against Portland.

Courtney Lee: 34 MINS | 16 PTS | 6-14 FGS | 2 REBS | +13

Grade: B

The Grizzlies have found CLee open for three quite a bit lately, but he went 1-6 against the Magic. He just couldn't get it going from three-point range. He still shot well inside the three-point line and was able to be effective. It would be great if he kept up the confidence he has had over the last two games. He is doing everything with a confidence he hasn't always shown and the Grizzlies need that.

Tony Allen: 31 MINS | 17 PTS | 6-10 FGS | 5 REBS | -8

Grade: A

Tony Allen scoring threat? Is this opposite day or something? He was driving to the basket and actually making layups; it was incredible. HE ALSO MADE A THREE. I could get used to that.  The defense he played on everyone but Victor Oladipo (the guy he was guarding) was fantastic. He blew up multiple Magic possessions by roaming and gambling off the ball.

Zach Randolph: 35 MINS | 18 PTS | 6-15 FGS | 12 REBS | +7

Grade: A-

Z-Bo ihas been on a tear lately. He is taking care of business on the block and on the boards. It was so awesome to watch him rip a rebound out of the hands of three Magic players then get an and-1. He is well rested and it's doing wonders for him. The defense he played....wasn't great, but the effort was there. Coach Joerger was trying to switch him around onto different players so he didn't have to chase too many people around on the perimeter.

Marc Gasol: 37 MINS | 12 PTS | 5-11 FGS | 16 REBS | +10

Grade: A

If I was going to send in a tape to the league office for Marc Gasol's Defensive Player of The Year bid, it would be from this game. He was all over the place, guarding stretch fours, guarding Nikola Vucevic, affecting shots at the rim, and rebounding the ball at high rate. It was incredible to watch. On offense he was much like the old Gasol. He was picking his spots and sharing the ball with cutters and open three point shooters.


Jeff Green: 31 MINS | 21 PTS | 8-18 FGS | 5 REBS | +15

Grade: B

Really didn't think I would see a twenty point game out of Jeff Green this soon into his Grizzy career. Undoubtedly there are some kinks to work out. Driving to the basket and dunking on faces off of cuts is nice until he starts getting the Tony Allen treatment because he cannot hit a jumpshot. Yet I think he will start getting the ball in better spots and taking smarter shots. Getting back on defense and not playing with effort on the perimeter have been problems that Green helped shore up against the Magic. A good deal of his time came at the four, which eliminated Jon Leuer from the rotation. You'd think Jonny would come out motivated the next time he plays.

Kosta Koufos: 16 MINS | 5 PTS | 2-2 FGS | 3 REBS| +0

Grade: B

The Kosta experience continues. He could make a case for more playing time, but with how small the Magic can go I think I understand why he played so little. His defense and rebounding were still at their usual level. I love how he has this great chemistry with Nick Calathes. They are a great tandem off the pick and roll and it's weird.

Nick Calathes: 19 MINS | 2 PTS | 1-5 FGS | 6 ASTS | +5

Grade: B

Nick Calathes has been great the past few games. His shooting hasn't been the best, but he is moving the ball around and playing fantastic defense. With Jeff Green at the four and Calathes at the point, the Grizzlies' bench offense was able to survive without Vince Carter (the good one) and Beno Udrih.

Vince Carter: 7 MINS | 1 REBS | +3

Grade: Not Eligible


Jon Leuer: DNP Coach's Decision

Jordan Adams: DNP Coach's Decision

Jarnell Stokes: DNP Coach's Decision