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Grinding Through the Season: Talking the Grizzlies/Blazers matchup with Chris Lucia

We know the legitimate threats who stand in the way of a win on Saturday. Who are the other players thriving in Terry Stotts' system? Are any roster moves on the horizon? Are there any weaknesses on this team? Blazer's Edge writer Chris Lucia is kind enough to answer these questions and talk Blazers with Grizzly Bear Blues!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

More of the same.  Nothing has changed.  The Portland Trailblazers continue to fit the profile of a successful small-market franchise. They are overlooked by everyone but the teams they play.  They are rising among the best as they continue to play the best.

Damian Lillard never ceases to amaze the crowd and the league with his play.  He is 14th in the league in PER at 22.76.  He's averaging 22 points per game, 6.2 assists per game, and 4.7 rebounds per game.  Just when you think he's about to have an off-night by shooting 1-for-9 from the floor, the fourth quarter finally arrives...and so does Lillard's clutch instincts.

LaMarcus Aldridge actually sits 17th in the league in PER at 22.15.  They are the second-highest pair of teammates on the league's PER rankings - behind only the Thunder's duo of Russell Westbrook (2nd) and Kevin Durant (3rd).  They are the top pair of teammates in the NBA in scoring, with Alrdridge ranking 6th in the league at 23.3 per game and Lillard 11th with his 22.0.  Aldridge has mastered the art of the post-up-to-fadeaway-jumper.  He utilizes his wide variety of post-up moves to his advantage with each possession that he's in the paint.

So, the Grizzlies realize they have a daunting task ahead by trying to minimize easy scoring opportunities for Portland's star duo on Saturday.  But, what about the other players on Portland's roster?  Who are the other players thriving under Terry Stotts' system?  Do the Blazers have any areas of concern at this point? Will the Blazers get involved in this season's trade frenzy?

Blazer's Edge writer Chris Lucia joins Grizzly Bear Blues to answer these questions and more!