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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Orlando

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Magic fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Orlando forums

Pre-game views

No Mike Conley? Wow that's big for Orlando.

I'm curious to see how Vucevic does against The Other Gasol and Oladipo against Tony Allen (though apparently he might be out).

I really don't want to see Zach bully Frye for 35 mins.. hopefully this doesn't happen.

In-game views

gotta tighten up on D a little bit too many open shots CLee isn't gonna miss those forever.

tony allen like.. relax

LOL @ Vince.

Vuc needs to man up. He looks scared of Gasol.

Hopefully we can get some calls second half, Memphis is tough.

The one ref on the baseline is fixing this game. Dude has called some real shady ass calls tonite. He didn't have his foot down for a timeout just then. Plus the non charge for Oladipo against Gasol.

Courtney Lee is annoying to play against

Gasol has Vuc in the blender this game

Man we are getting no respect from the refs its pathetic.

These crappy refs giving Z-Bo the Jordan treatment....

Grizzles turned up the heat defensively...

Tony Allen bullying the whole team

It is absolutely baffling that any Grizzly feels they can justifiably complain about a call. I actually didn't mind the Grizzlies prior to tonight but my mind is being changed.

Green has killed us.

That's that. Just ran up against an elite defensive team.

Post-game views

joerger complains A LOT.

Memphis had at least 10 points off flops, flails, yells and falls off no contact. Maybe we need to implement some of these 'techniques' to get some calls.

Just ran up against a really good defensive team that wasn't going to let us dictate the pace

I'm happy with the effort at least. This is a tough team to beat. Memphis wanted and earned the win.

Tony Allen is an animal.

Wish Green had been traded there a week later.....

Green is a great acquisition for them. When he gives a ****, he's a very good player.

Giving Vuc some love too because he earned all those points tonite against Gasol. That wasn't his big brother out there he could bully like that. I've got a new respect for Gasol and his defense. He deserved that DPOY.

I was very happy with tonight's performance. Clearly, Memphis is a better team but they are a damn good team. Much better than Chicago and Houston in my opinion.