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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Portland

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Blazers fans.

The following are actual comments gathered from Portland forums

Pre-game views

will be a tough matchup tonight for sure. Memphis really seems to have portland's number

Hopefully there is no Conley tonight, he usually carves us up.

In-game views

Blazers couldn't stop a sleepwalking snail right now.

10-12 shooting for memphis...ouch!

If Green or Udrih end up being the X factor that wins this game for Memphis, I'm going to be pretty pissed--I have to admit.

Gasol and Z-bo doing Gasol and Z-bo things in the mid-range.

Jeff Green's looking ok so far.

The good news is they aren't even trying to defend 3 pt shooting. If we get hot we'll rain on them.

Zach seems to have discovered a way to get away with just about anything when he doesn't have the ball.

Refs are letting the Griz be physical, but not us. Is this due to their reputation?

60 points in the half. Beautiful.

We can do this if Grizz cool off from 3.

We need to start buying refs, it's hurting us

3 down baby! It's a game

F*****g Udrih.

Look at how well they execute on late possessions. Memphis is a great team.

Udrih. What the hell?

Conley out and they don't miss a beat.

Post-game views

I'm amazed that people could look at the Grizz and claim that they are without a doubt a better team, they got outscored by the Blazers in the 3rd and the 4th. If it wasn't for the nightmare 2nd quarter the Blazers likely win this game.

With Nic's continuing struggles, I think its imperative we get a wing in a trade. We could've offered up a better deal for Green than the Celtics got.

I really don't want to meet this team early in the playoffs

So no Conley and Beno becomes the all time greatest mid range shooter ever huh?

Udrih was a hell of a spark plug for Memphis

The refs cost us the game. Memphis traveled so many times, and there were so many BS calls.

Good effort in the second half. It's not everyday that Beno Udrih burns you for 7-7 shooting with several clutch shots.

ZBo becomes the leading rebounder in Grizz history. Who could have imagined that after he was run out of town in Portland, New York, AND LA?

we suck against the Grizzlies, we just do.