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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Dallas

Pre-, In- and Post-game views from Mavericks fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Dallas forums

Pre-game views

I'm calling this one a must win. We have to start doing better against "good" Western Conference teams. If we play like we did in Denver, we should be okay.

I think Memphis wins in a blowout. We can't handle them.

I think this will be a very close, hard-fought game.

They still do not scare me. Nice little reg. season team. They look good because their frontcourt usually plays ~5 more min. than other starting frontcourts. During the playoffs it won't work any more.

With the Grizzlies, they are a couple of former Celts players away from being called the Memphis Celtics.

In-game views

Grizzlies getting calls. Getting away with fouls... Typical regular season game in Memphis.

Lucky that Tony Allen cant shoot layups.

Powell not letting gasol get comfortable

Is Vince not playing tonight?---------------------------------------------He's just not good.

Damn...Griz already out of fouls with over 9 mins left in the quarter. Need to attack

Green killing us, yikes

VC already missed 2 wide open 3s lol

Conley is the luckiest "good point guard" in the league.

Must be nice to be Marc Gasol. Never commits a foul. Gets beat to the ball by a smaller guy, hits the smaller guy from behind and foul on the smaller guy. Happened like three times already.

Does Memphis not understand the rules of basketball?

This is starting to feel like the last time we played the Grizzlies. Good first half but we need to finish them off this time

When is Randolph gonna get a tech for all this bitching?

Kinda pathetic Memphis coach played Gasol,Conley and Randolph the whole 3Q and hasnt rested them yet

These are two playoff teams..... What's amazing neither are really playing like it.....

Joeger is going to run this team into the ground.I guess the regular season means everything to Memphis, lol. F*****g losers.

This was a BIG BIG game!!!

Post-game views

A road win, against a physical beat-em-up team, who also happens to be the division leader . . . this is huge, guys.

I remember so many people wanting Courtney Lee over Monta Ellis a couple of summers ago... hilarious.

Vince has only been playing about 15 mpg recently and only averaging about 4 ppg. Letting him go was one of the best moves of the offseason. Memphis has to be regretting that contract.

Gasol is a very gifted passer but if people got to "defend" him the way he gets to defend others... he would no even be as close to being as effective.

I've seen some whiny ass fans before but these Memphis fans take the cake

The 'perception' is that Memphis plays aggressive.  The reality is that they are bullys and they foul.


if we face the Grizzlies in the playoffs, i think they'll stop our run. i don't really worry about any other team except them and the Bulls in the finals.

I've never seen a fan base hang on foul calls as much as these f*****s, tells you all you need to know about their team - dependent on it

I'm suprised they did not play more of Tony Allen (thought he would be covering Monta).

Tyson Chandler's ability to handle the physicality of Zbo and Gasol for 40 minutes was the difference in the game

Vince has fallen off the earth. He starts seasons slow these days though, not sure he recovers this time.