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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Toronto

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Raptors fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Toronto forums

Pre-game views

This is a loss for sure

RIP Jonas

This is a game for the one and only Chunk Hayes. He seems to do well on Gasol whenever they match up.

Memphis is gonna straight up abuse us.

Demar going to be guarded by Tony Allen. Back to back 0 point games?

In-game views

Grizzlies D is insane

We can hang at this slow Grizzlies pace. The Memphis D is great but their O is lacking.

Can't believe Udrih gets a free throw for that turnaround flop

This game is going to be an absolute grind. Both teams are showing great fight.

A big plus for the Raps thus far has been +9 on the boards. We keep Z-Bo and Gasol off the glass, we will have a shot at pulling off the W.

Memphis commentators raving about JV - just wait till they see him disappear in the 4th quarter..

31FG%. It's comical that we're even in this

Hansbrough should not be in the game, and he should not be guarding Gasol.

Wtf was that? they just left Conley wide open.

What a breakdown on D late. This is over now.

Post-game views

Gasol is a f*****g mvp man.

That Conley 3 was the Grizzlies first 3 in the game

I am really starting to hate how Lowry always has to argue with the refs...just play the game MOFO!

Pretty nice game. A couple of bad untimely turnovers after they got a lead swung things back in Memphis' favor unfortunately. They missed shots. Good shots. Layups. I'll take it. They look like the team i love again, and i don't see them missing so much on a lot of nights, or losing games where they hold opponents to 92.

Not getting the lack of JJ.

Memphis is just a beast of a team, can't be too mad at this loss.

what the hell is up with JJ? I haven't heard an explanation yet for why he didn't play last game or very much this game.

We played defence for a sustained period against Memphis, missed too many shots but we competed. A couple of careless turnovers in the 4th and fouls that put the Grizz on the line cost us the game. But we were engaged, against a team like Memphis that's a good loss! Very encouraging. And Can someone tell me why James Johnson hasn't been playing? We needed him in that game