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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Philadelphia

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from 76ers fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Philadelphia forums

Pre-game views

I'm guessing that this game will be a lot less competitive than when we played them at home. Hopefully we play as hard as we did last night though.

i hope we win. the last loss against the griz makes me still mad.

This is probably a loss since we won't be able to catch the Grizzlie flat footed like last time.

In-game views

Home cooking by the refs

When Jon Leuer fast breaks on know you suck.

Can't believe we are getting whoop by old man Carter

Former Sixer and current Memphis assistant coach Bob Thornton just said "we just need to go out and crush em"....

Noel needs to hit that weight room. He is getting abuse by Gasol and Randolph.

Game is getting out of the refs hands, just a free for all..

Zbo for 3 bye guys

Post-game views

Not a good combination tonight. 2nd night of a back to back, on the road, against a western title contender.

Gasol has to have the sweetest old-timey hook shot since Kareem.

We were 17.5 point underdogs last night, so that type of loss was expected

The sixers got smashed no shock and the big men frankly have been relatively dull so far. Each of them has moments but none of them really stand out as far as im concerned.

I was there in Memphis...  We had a great tempo and in the lead in the beginning mins of the game, then we just started to do silly shit!  We need some vets on our team.

The announcers disrespected us(grizzlies announcers) saying that we would need a second coming of lebron James to get better