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Tony Allen and Vince Carter Save Sixers Coach Two Grand

Philadelphia 76ers Coach Brett Brown was hit with a technical foul in the 4th quarter of Saturday night's game until Tony and Vince intervened.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, they were in the midst of blowing out the lowly Sixers, but Tony Allen and Vince Carter showed a lot of professionalism on Saturday when they came to the defense of the opposing team's coach. Check out the video and the story at

Coach Brett Brown seems genuinely thankful for Tony and Vince's willingness to argue his case to the referees, mostly because he needs the $2,000 that he would have automatically have been fined by the league for incurring a tech to buy his wife a new couch. Considering the state of his team, the last thing that poor guy needs is trouble at home, so let's all give those two a hand for a mitzvah. Some among us apparently have bigger plans for the Grizzlies' persuasive pair, though:

These are funny little asides, to be sure, but keep in mind how unique a group of guys we have assembled in Memphis. With Tony Allen, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, and Zach Randolph leading the team, the franchise has developed a reputation for both professionalism and respect. That's why refs listen when Tony Allen says they screwed up, or why Rudy Gay shows up in the Grizzlies locker room to show everybody his new baby boy just minutes after having his heart ripped out in a miracle comeback punctuated by Courtney Lee's tip-in. As a friend of mine who's an assistant coach on a bad NFL team told me after their season ended, "Culture is everything in pro sports." Tony & Marc & Mike & Z-Bo & Dave have cultivated a good one in Memphis.