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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Orlando

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Magic fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Orlando forums

Pre-game views

I actually expect a somewhat competitive game through the first three quarters, the 4th will be another meltdown.

It's gonna be ugly to see Zbo vs. Aaron tonight. I honestly want to see Nicholson on him instead. Both got "old man game"

Absolutely no way this team wins tonight. No way.

In-game views

Somebody needs to knock Green the **** out.

frye getting eaten alive, my god

Did you guys catch that replay? Elfrid took that layup right through ZBo's hack on the ball. Strong.

Still miss the heck out of Courtney Lee

smh....they are making everything!

Not a bad quarter. Memphis throwing up prayers and long 2s, living at the line. Good energy.

ZBo's mating call is Memphis's best option right now.

Haha Jeff Turner on ZBo: "I guess you can't really call it a jump shot."

Being dismantled Spurs style...

Then Marc Gasol wags his finger at the refs and they tuck their tails.

It's nice to watch teams that can shoot. It's a lost art in the Eastern Conference. Memphis will be at the over soon.

Gasol playing soccer out there at this point lol

Jesus its so easy on offense for Memphis that they are dribbling balls off their head.

doesnt feel like Memphis is even trying.

That's a statistic that I could have gone without hearing! The Grizzlies have scored the most points of the season in the 1st half.

And they keep knocking down prayers....

This is one of the luckiest teams I've ever seen.

Grizzlies just toying with us now.

There is zero communication, which the Grizzlies announcers noticed and the system for team defense is total shit

Vince pretending he's suffered a career ending injury again. Does it like once a game.

So Oladipo grazes gasol on a drive and it's an offensive foul, but gasol everything but murders Vucevic for position and no call... Ok

Post-game views


It's pretty clear to me that the Grizzlies took their foot out of the gas in the 2nd half. The defense improved, especially with Deadmon in, but that doesn't mean we'd have won the game if he played more minutes in the first half. Good teams know how to control games like this and that's what they did tonight.

I would say that tonight's game is like watching Anderson Silva in his prime against a very raw challenger. Anderson can take the guy any time, his opponent knows it and the crowd knows it. It's just a matter if Anderson wants to humiliate or not. The Grizzlies were respectable and not douchey about being superior

Tonight's takeaway for me: free throw shooting. The Grizzlies shot 92.3% (!) from the charity stripe, going 24 for 26. That's amazing for a team effort. That's like a team entirely made up of Steve Nash's and Mark Price's

Got it under 10, moral victory

(Ed. Note: Tuohy?  Is that you? -KY)

that game was quite bearable....If you only watched the second half.

Beno Udrih... "a tough cover in space". He was NEVER that tough when he played with the MAGIC.