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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Dallas

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Mavericks fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Dallas forums

Pre-game views

The Mavs will be looking to right the ship. The Mavs have not lost 3 straight this year yet. The Griz are on a second game of a B2B. We beat them in Memphis. If the Mavs come out focused, there is no reason why we could not beat them but... That is a big if. I think the Mavs will find a way though.

Mavs need to win the front end of this B2B.  If they lose @home to Griz then losing streak will likely go four or five putting Mavs in 7th seed at end of January.

Honestly, I think Grizz are grumpy about last time and take this one which may be easier because we will have home team disadvantage. Mavs then right the ship against Houston and start a winning streak. Nothing to justify it, that's just how I feel it going.

I expect to win, and I don't think that's being toooptimistic. Grizzlies are on a second night of a b2b, and if we can smother the paint and play as energetic on the defensive end of the floor as we did against the Bulls (I don't expect the Grizz to magically hit every contested shot possible), this should be a nice one in the W column.

SEGABABA - Grizzlies might be without Conley and definitely without Allen. If the Mavs lose this it'll be hilarious.

Randolph and Gasol are the real concern(s). Conley and Allen being out just means that our guards need to take advantage. Udrih and Lee aren't terrible though.

In-game views

let's blow these a-holes out!

Grizz not nearly as tough without Allen and Conley. The Mavs really ned to exploit it.

well done, force Joeger to take the first TO... keep it comin', they won't die easily

and just like that, Memphis has all the momentum

Joeger is going to run his two bigs into the ground for regular wins, wow. The guy is foolish.

I know Powell is a rookie but he's not the answer to our backup PF or center solution. Getting killed by Gasol

VC wants us to win the game

Calathes a former MAV killing us lol. Great job Cuban letting Calathes go for that scrub from Israel. Forgot his name already

Calathes? Really? He's shooting 18.2% from 3 this season!!!!!!!!!!

Memphis scrubs going off

Gasol and Randolph haven't even played in the 2nd do you not take advantage?

Memphis's bench has 28 of their 54 points, their awful bench...

15 point lead for the Grizz. We suck

zbo killing us, hitting last second shots all game.

Crowd Randolph and make him drive. Geez.

Randolph shooting shots like young Dirk.....Game over

That's a wrap for me........exhausting watching our team struggle tonight.

Post-game views

We will lose in the 1st round if we can't beat a Grizz team without Conley(17ppg) and Tony Allen at home.

memphis is very good at creating contact and drawing fouls.

How the hell is Z-Bo this good.  It's like playing against Jesus.

Fire Carlisle!

Typical Mavs fans, never giving the opponent credit. Zbo was ridiculously good. Had one of the best defenders in the NBA on him all night 1v1 and just torched him making insanely tough shots. No one was going to beat Memphis tonight with them shooting like that. We have seen Dirk do that to people for 10+ years, now we know how it feels.

We had some runs and it felt like zbo would always hit a shot. More than anything, we lost this in the 2nd quarter when the grizzlies bench outplayed ours. Sometimes teams get hot, Zbo dominated the matchup tonight.

Typical Mavs loss. 2-10 against Western playoff teams now? I mean I get that Memphis is the superior team but they were on a SEGABABA missing their starting backcourt and the Mavs had the day off and were resting. Just pathetic.