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Jarnell Stokes and Kalin Lucas ejected from D-League game for fighting ... each other.

Emotions ride high with the Energy.

Last night when the Iowa Energy played the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, the crowd got more spectating than just the basketball game they came to see. During a timeout in the 3rd quarter, something sparked an altercation between the two. It appears multiple blows were delivered and Kalin Lucas was said to have been bloodied up pretty badly.

There isn't any great footage of the incident (D-League on that beer budget), but this video gives the closest view I've seen, although I think this occurs after the initial breakout of the melee that included punches thrown both ways. Here, it appears as though Jarnell Stokes has Kalin Lucas in a head lock and is taking him to the ground as another player fails attempts to break it up.

You can see another angle of it over at CBSSports.

Not the best moment for either guy, I'm sure. What's especially puzzling is the idea that Kalin Lucas started the fight. Lucas is 6'1", 194 lbs. Stokes is 6'9", 263 lbs. In addition to Jarnell having another human being's mass in advantage over his punching bag, he also looks like this with his shirt off:

Jarnell Colossus