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Quick Recap: Memphis Grizzlies Get Revenge, Dismantle Denver Nuggets 99-69

If this was a prize fight, it would have been over at halftime.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Lineup Notes

Mike Conley missed his second straight game with a sprained wrist (and two sprained ankles he was too macho to complain about). Vince Carter tweaked his left ankle in the first half and did not return.

Game Story

In a nutshell:


The Grizzlies led this one wire to wire, hitting 9 of their first 12 shots and holding the Nuggets to 5 of 26 in the first quarter to take a 26-11 lead after one. Memphis would never relinquish its double-digit margin, and the closest things came to nervy was before halftime when Kenneth Faried pulled Denver within 15 on a couple of easy dunks. From there out, it was like watching a Dementor sucking the life force from a team who was, admittedly, on the second night of a back to back.

The love was pretty evenly spread on the offensive end, but Zach Randolph (as ever) stood out with a game high 15 points and 17 rebounds (4 of which came on one play). The Grizzlies' perimeter defense was above reproach too, holding the Nuggets to 2 of 26 from downtown. That's 7.7%, for those keeping track at home.

To cap off the party, Courtney Lee gave a swinging hips shoutout to Tony Allen on a turnover in the second half:

Pieces of Flair

1. On this day in 1985, a little Wendigo was born in Barcelona, Spain. Feliç aniversari, my man.

2. Whosuf Nurkic?

3. Zach Randolph now has 11 straight double-doubles, and 17 straight 10+ rebound games. Fiddy for da city.