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Recapping the Enemy: The View From L.A

Pre-, In- and Post-game views from Lakers fans

The following are actual comments gathered from L.A forums

Pre-game Views

I really can't stand the Grizzlies.... please beat these clowns.

Beat the grizzlies, make them look like wannabees so that gasol will leave them for us

We hung with the Griz pretty well the first time, then we had the bad 3rd quarter. Since then we've been kinda decent to start 3rd's now...I think we take this game if we can keep Marc contained.

Team needs to gang rebound and get out on breaks. We'll have a chance as long as we don't make this a half court game.

Tough, tough game. We've played them well this season. If Price and Wes stay this hot, we can definitely get a win. A fresh Kobe helps a lot too, as seen today.

In-game Views

Ed Davis came to play

Lin cannot miss at Staples

whats up griz? dont have guard play to stop lin? thats supposed to be the lakers problem

Allen went 0-4...ball hog

We've got these guys shook.

Hope Griz don't finish with conley and udrih

What a game we got going here.

Ed Davis just took Jordan Hill's starting spot.

Wtf is lin thinking

The Harvard student doesn't know basic basketball...wonderful..

Lin is like "I thought we tanking" lol

Ed will miss one

You can't really blame Davis for missing...Lin is the floor general and he had no idea what was going on...

Sigh. Can we get a Kobe game winner? Just once this season?

Post-game views

Ed is so gifted around the basket. It's a real shame his post game wasn't more featured in games early on in his career. He's much more talented than just being a 4/5th option

I hope Zach ain't hurt too bad ... I rather see Memphis win than anyone else out west besides us

So do we throw max at Marc from opening minute of free agency or wait for a meeting?

Marc's game is hauntingly so similar to Pau's... just better at defense. I hope he considers signing with us.

For a team with the motto "grit and grind" their announcers sure do complain a lot about officiating.

Marc Gasol looks like he milks bears and catches trout with his bare hands.

not a bad game to lose vs this griz team

Grizzlies are a bunch of divers and the refs played right into their hands.

Man I blame Jeremy Lin. Sure he had a good scoring night and made a couple of plays, but he got lit up by Udrih during that 2nd half spurt. Mike Conley is expected, but Udrih... really??