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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Denver

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Denver fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Denver forums

Pre-game views

JUKA....GASOL....this time its personal!

All Aboard the Nurkic Wagon

Hopefully Nurkic will show up big for tonight's game. He's been inconsistent the past few weeks and let's hope he comes prepared for the physical 1-2 punch of Gasol & Randolph

Nurk versus Gasol will be fun to watch.I’m also intrigued with the return of Mr. Mcgee. Ill definitely tune in tonight.

shaq just called nurkic a snugglebunny implying he is a fake tough man.

In-game views

If Z-Bo can hit shots like that one all game, this is gonna be a long night. Udrih, too.

The home-cooking travel. To make up for the foul call on the Gasol ‘steal’.

So, the D hasn't been terrible, but Memphis looks to be making everything.

Memphis making lots of tough shots tonight, Denver can't buy anything

I think Memphis gave us a small rim or something....either that or we just suck.

Remember when Memphis' trading Pau to LA was the worst ever trade?

a 15 pt lead for Memphis is like a 30 pt lead the way they play defense

We got our shooting percentage up to 34%!

Im so bored from watching these Nuggets I've elected instead to do my taxes.

I've elected to push toothpicks under my fingernails.

14-point quarter is encouraging. Better than the 11-point first quarter.

Post-game views

shaq shows a video highlight of zbo, and calls it old school search and destroy. He got the old skool right, old skool skywalker shuffling his pivot feet.

Anyone notice how Gasol was allowed to get away with reach ins when defending Nurkic?

Im really angry about the quotes from Shaw after the game, what a f***ing bum, seriously. I'd rather have Corbin coach this team

Memphis is a great defensive team

i think memphis is just a few pieces away from a trophy, not even necessarily big pieces

Grizzlies won't make it to the Finals. Good team though.

I wish in these kinds of situations, I'd have more respect if guys just told me they didn't feel like playing tonite from the start - Brian Shaw

holy I paid almost 300 bucks for nba League pass to watch my team fall to pieces each and every game.  AWFUL

Fire Brian Shaw n hire Chauncey billups