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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Denver

Pre-, In-, and Post-game views from Nuggets fans

Distinct lack of interest from Nuggets fans, but here you go

The following are actual comments gathered from Denver forums

Pre-game Views

I think the Faried - Leuer match-up is key, but I can’t wait to see Pappa Bear (Gasol) v Baby Bear (Nurkic)

Let's hope they're gassed...

In-game views

Gasol on Hickson has to be the mismatch of the century

Gasol just attacked Mozgov's shoulder. I talked about how bigs do that against mozgov because he has a tendency to anticipate slowly. Mozgov did a good job of beating him to the spot there. But it’ll be interesting to see if Gasol keep going at him like that.

Gasol went to the bench. 11-0 run as soon as he did.

vintage carter

Gasol is destroying mozgov

Remember, Memphis is the best team in the league. You think they will quit? Beat SA in overtime.

Post-game views

Gasol and Nurkie's hug after the game was nice. Gasol seemed to be showing him props.

the amount of nurkic hate by grizzlies fans on twitter is unbelievable! keep it up jusuf!

they accuse him of showing direspect to the best nba big. Also they threaten him not to come to the grindhouse…..oooo jusuf must be shaking from fear now.

I really respect him. Him and his brother (Pau), really good players in this league and in Europe, but I never look who’s playing on the court. In this league, I just play how I need to for my team to win. No hard feelings - Jusuf Nurkic

Memphis without one of either Gasol or Randolph is a lot easier to beat.