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Running Grizzlies Game Diary: The Mountaintop Mauling

A running diary of the Grizzlies' beatdown at the hands of the the Denver Nuggets

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In the words of Michael Scott "I'm not superstitious.....but I am a little stitious" so I've settled in my usual spot for the game. I have taken to just muting the TV and listening to the music during games and, well, it works...a lot. During all but two losses this season, I have listened to the Grizzlies announcers. I DON'T LIKE THOSE ODDS. Gotta roll with Migos and Biggie tonight.

No Z-Bo, and Beno Udrih was a late scratch to the lineup with a lower leg contusion. I expect to see more Calathes against the Nuggets and maybe some of the rookie, especially on a back to back. I may have had Faried in my Fanduel lineup tonight so it'd be nice if he went for 100 and nobody else on the Nuggets scored.

The first thing I ever read at GBB was a running diary (don't remeber who wrote it) and I've always wanted to do one so this is cool for me.

First Quarter

12:00 - Marc tips the ball to Faried and he turns it over. Killing me already. I picked Faried for FanDuel (do FanDuel. so fun/addicting. I'm going to be broke soon.) tonight for a few reasons. He's going to outrebound Leuer, Z-Bo isn't there to stop him around the basket, and HE NEVER STOPS working.

11:13 - Faried runner in the lane on Leuer. I don't know if he can contain Faried. I would love to see Stokes on Faried after he did such a great job on Tiago Splitter the other night against the Spurs.

9:29 - Tony Allen just "fouled" Wilson Chandler on a three pointer. He makes all three and it's 7-6. I have no idea who the best player on this Nuggets team is, and I don't think they do either.

7:40 - Courtney Lee floater in the lane to give the Grizzlies the 12-11 lead. When Courtney starts out attacking, it's the best for everyone. He has to have confidence or he won't shoot.

6:50 - JONNY DUNKFACE. HE DUNKED ALL OVER WILSON CHANDLER WITH NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE. I think he may be much more confident tonight than in previous times replacing Z-Bo.

5:10 - Gasol fadeaway in Mozgov's grill. Marc should just keep going at Mozgov. He can't guard him and they have nobody behind Mozgov that can guard him.

4:50 - Nobody is playing defense so everyone is hitting shots. Ty Lawson just hit another fadeaway jumper. I don't know if the Grizzlies can keep up with this Nuggets pace. They want to play fast, and the Grizzlies are letting them instead of imposing their will on them.

4:10 - Koufos enters the game for Leuer and I forgot he used to play here! Are we headed for a Koufos revenge game? I hope so. Coach Joerger has been reluctant to go with the twin towers, but the Nuggets' rebounding ability may have forced his hand.

3:15 - Marc just drained another 15 footer. It looks like the Nuggets don't know that he can hit that shot. It's a common problem in the league. Teams seem to just forget that he can do that consistently.

1:45 - Watching Rob Fischer talk without sound on is hilarious and I suggest everyone do it once. Tayshaun Prince enters the game as Afflalo hits a three. Looks like Prince will be playing the four like he did against the Lakers.

1:10 - Lawson three to go up five. The Grizzlies aren't going too quickly on offense, and going under screens on defense. You cannot go under screens on this Denver team or they will make you pay.

End of quarter - The Grizzlies defense was killed in that quarter. The Nuggets are playing fast and shooting 69%, so they trail by 10.

Second Quarter

11:06 - Vince Carter is already 0-2 from three. He's in that stage where he shoots every time he touches the ball instead of looking for a good shot off the ball. I think he may have re-aggravated whatever ankle issue he has been struggling with since the summer. He has to go to the basket or coach needs to sit him.

10:00 - Calathes floater in transition. He's filling in for Beno nicely by making Ty Lawson's life miserable with his defensive skill, and by being bigger than him. If this Udrih injury keeps him out for a bit, he could make a case for more minutes.

9:10 - VINCE JUST ENDED JUSUF NURKIC. REST IN PEACE YOUNG FELLA. I THINK THE ANKLES ARE FINE! It's about time he went to the rack instead of bombing threes. I wish we could get a Vince dunk once a game. It wakes everyone up and it always embarrasses someone (who wants to get dunked on by a 40 year old?).

8:20 - Bad Pondexter and Old Prince showed up. Both are putting the ball on the floor and look generally overwhelmed. If I was coaching Pondexter he would be fined every time he passed up an open spot up opportunity.

6:43 - Stokes enters the game as the right side of my headphones is blown out by Rihanna. One good thing followed by one bad thing. I don't know how tall Stokes is, but the Nuggets bigs make him look tiny. Grizzlies trail 38-30.

5:00 - Jusuf Nurkic is a massive human being, and swats Calathes, which leads to an and-1 for Nate Robinson who I'm pretty sure just flew for a minute. I love Nate Robinson; it's such a shame he's stuck on this mess of a team. They called a flagrant (?) on Vince Carter for his foul on Robinson. It looked clean to me, so I think the refs are enjoying their free and legal time in Colorado a bit too much. I don't get the explanation or inflammatory remarks from Pete Pranica because Rihanna is teaching me about life.

4:29 - STOKES AND-1 AFTER GRABBING A Z-BOUND. All aboard the Stokes train. Choo-Choo.

3:03 - Timeout. Grizzlies are down 13 and the offense has completely stalled. A Conley/Lee/Prince/Stokes/Gasol should be filled with Gasol post-ups, not Prince jumpers, so Tony comes in for him.

2:40 - STOKES REBOUND AND PUTBACK. I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE!!! It looks like Joerger is playing him with the starters which puts him in the best position possible.  Grizzlies trail by 11.

End of quarter - Grizzlies trail 49-38 after playing with the Nuggets the whole quarter. Ty Lawson is scorching hot and just kicking everyone's butt up and down the court.


I'm switching to Outkast and getting a bag of oatmeal raisin cookies. Two things that will never fail me. Rob Fischer is my dude, but there's only one person funnier to watch with no sound on and that's Sean Tuohy.

Third Quarter


11:15 - FARIED JUST DUNKED ON THE WORLD. This guy is relentless and I kind of love it. Somebody has to always have a body on him or things won't go well.

10:40 - Tony Allen just Tony Allen'd a layup. I think he is allergic to dunking the ball and it's driving me crazy. AND MY HEADPHONES WENT OUT WHERE'S MY BACKUP PAIR. AHH I FOUND THEM. Whew that was close.

9:28 - The Grizzlies look lifeless coming out of the half as the Nuggets literally sprint out to a 17 point lead. Coach Joerger calls a timeout to regroup. And it leads to Marc jamming on Mozgov who, like his European Grizzly counterparts, has a massive bald spot. Time to get some stops and play Grizzly basketball.

8:28 - Defensive stop and CL33P0 hits a three off a nice feed from Marc. WE HAVE LIFE. That was a Pop-esque timeout from Coach Joerger. Stopped a run before things got bad and set his team straight.

6:57 - Marc and Koufos were both killed and beaten both tripped and the Nuggets get another and-1.

4:53 - SOUND THE ALARMS TONY ALLEN HAS HIT TWO STRAIGHT LAYUPS ONE OF WHICH WAS AN AND-1. It feels like he hasn't done that in a long time. His offense has been more trick than treat lately.

3:39 - Coach Joerger just got ejected. WHAT IN THE WORLD? He's upset with the lack of foul calls for the Grizzlies and how the Nuggets get an and-1 like every two seconds. This was the first ejection of his career and the first one I can remember in a long time. Maybe it will fire up the troops, but I think anything short of a brawl won't fire them up.

3:02 - Marc technical. I'm not listening, but I bet Pete said something about the refs losing control. Everyone is frustrated and it's starting to show. The offense has stalled and the Nuggets lead by 16. Due to the current angry mood it looks like I need to switch to Eminem.

2:48 - "IT'D BE SO EMPTY WITHOUT ME"......oh sorry forgot a basketball game was happening.

:24 - The Grizzlies are searching for a spark and, well, Nick Calathes isn't it, as the lead balloons to 24 and the Nuggets can't miss shots. The second unit is missing Beno Udrih something awful. His defense may be awful, but he is 10x the offensive player Calathes is.

:00 - Marc has words for Nurkic who is massive and scary looking, but WENDIGO AIN'T SCARED TO RUMBLE. I love Nurkic so it's a shame that Grizzly fans will now have a blood feud with him. I don't know who started it, but both were ready to finish it. It would probably been a full on brawl with Z-Bo kicking ass in a $1000 suit.

End of quarter - Worst. Quarter. Ever.

Fourth Quarter

9:10 - Sorry I fell asleep as the Nuggets push the lead to 26. Where are Jordan Adams and Stokes? Seems like this would be the perfect time to play them and let them get some experience.

8:22 - Lawson and-1 and he has thoroughly outplayed every single Grizzlies player. He has been a force tonight. If only he were on a good team so I could watch more of him.

7:00 - The lead is at 30. Where are the rookies? Send Marc to the locker room, heat up the bus, and get ready for the next game. This one is OVAH!

6:20 - HEY THE ROOKS ARE IN and Jordan Adams gets pick-pocketed. Noooooo.

5:57 - JORDY FOR THREEEE!!!!!!!!

5:23 - JORDY LAYUP!!!!!!!!!

4:30 - JORDY FLOATER!!!!!!!!!! (WHY WON'T THIS GAME END!) I love Jordan Adams' game. He is the bench scorer that the Grizzlies so desperately need. It's a shame that it took a thirty point beatdown for him to come in.

2:42 - "WILL THE REAL SLIM SHADY PLEASE STAND UP???".....oh basketball is still on. Grizzlies trail 107-78 in a competition that was never really a contest.

2:32 - JORDY FREE THROWS!!!!!!!! This is what the night has come to. And no, I don't feel like talking about the Nuggets scoring over and over again.

1:34 - Can we get a running clock?

1:00 - So that was a no to the running clock? Ok how about just calling it? No? Ok y'all are rude.

:23.1 - "Im about to lose my mind" Skylar Grey summed up my feelings during this disaster perfectly. I am like 100% sure that Quincy Pondexter has been freezing out Jordan Adams these last few minutes. Who does this dude think he is? Isaiah Thomas? He's lost his mind. It's really an effective strategy and kind of shows me he's scared that Jordy is (rightfully) taking his spot soon.

:00 - Grizz lose 114 - 85. That was a rough one. There were a few positives so don't be too mad. Marc got to rest and Jordy lit the world on fire so let's all be happy. This game had schedule loss written all over it. I know it sucks to get blown out, but my gut says Z-Bo will be back soon so all will be right with the world.

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