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Memphis Grizzlies considering calling up James Michael McAdoo?

Rumor has it that the Grizzlies might be looking to make a move at power forward.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

SeaDubsCentral, a credentialed site covering the D-League's Santa Cruz Warriors, has tweeted that the Memphis Grizzlies are interested in signing James Michael McAdoo to a 10-day contract. I know very little about McAdoo as I watch very little college basketball, but a brief look at his specs and his highlights from North Carolina, and I'm pretty much sold on a 10-day contract. He's big, he can emphatically dunk at the rim, and looks like he plays some decent defense. Here's what GBB's scouting expert, Andrew Ford, had to say about McAdoo:

McAdoo has vastly improved since his UNC days on both ends. His length is intriguing, and he uses it well on both ends of the floor. He looks comfortable in the paint on offense, which is a fairly new development. One has to imagine that the Grizzlies are looking at him from a defensive standpoint though, as he might be a better rim protector then any power forward currently on the roster.

The Grizzlies surely want to sample some of the PF pool after seeing Ed Davis eat them alive the other night. Even with a Zach Randolph return, the Grizzlies could still use some size and especially athleticism in the paint. Don't read into this because, like I said, I haven't seen James Michael McAdoo play basketball other than the video posted below, but it was around this time last year that the Grizzlies called up a big smasher from the D-League, one James Johnson.