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Recapping the Enemy: The View From New York

Pre-, In-, and Post-game views from Knicks fans

The following are actual comments gathered from New York forums

Pre-game views

Is this the game we audition for Marc?

Forget Marc! He more than likely isn't coming, pay attention to Kosta Koufos tonight, he will be attainable this summer. I wonder if Memphis would take Jose in a sign and trade for Kosta in order to please Marc?

Maybe getting the W against the grizz can put some doubts in their minds about a finals run.

I don't see how this team scores more than 10 points tonight.

Great time to get a look at Marc.I like Memphis , I have them as my favorites to come out of the west along with the blazers .That would be a nice wcf matchup.Anyways , I'm going to enjoy watching mike Conley and Marc and the boys take care of business on there home court.

The Griz aren't playing great without Zbo but they don't need him playing the Knicks. Conley is going to feast on Calderon at both ends, quick athletic PGs toy with JC. On any given day any NBA team can beat another but odds are we see the boys tie the franchise record losing streak tonight.

This is actually a winnable game for the Knicks. Memphis is without ZBo, and have been playing poorly lately. They almost lost to the Lakers on Friday and got blown out by Denver on Saturday.The Knicks have a shot to steal this one.

In-game views

grizz standing around on defense

Hard to believe that the Knicks are in this game.

Don't know if I've ever seen a team down ten four minutes in.

We have a new strategy. We're lulling Memphis to sleep.

Im happy with everything that happen we are playing hard tonight. You seeing this Marc?

Post-game views

Didn't even know we played. Came home to the trade news and then found out we have moved up to #1 in the tank race. Great day to be a Knicks fan.

Didn't watch the game. The team the Knicks put on the floor has to be one of the worst groups of players put on the floor in the history of the NBA.

gasol is a team player not a featured player. thankfully we have melo so gasol fits in nicely.

Only 22!  Woohoo!!!

What is to analyze? The Knicks got their butts kicked by Memphis.

Beno Udrih must be so happy he's out of that mess