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Game Diary: Grizzlies sing bedtime lullaby to weary Knicks

My stream of (barely) consciousness from the Grizzlies' pummeling of the Knicks on Monday night in Memphis.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies vs. Knicks Game Diary


Scott Foster practicing his tipoff form beforehand. Looks pretty solid. Fancy even.

1st quarter

  • 10:33 Tony Allen gets an extra jump while in midair somehow. It's like he used a Game Genie for a split second.
  • 9:41 Mike Conley getting off to a very sharp start. Rebounding, assisting, stealing, scoring. Swiss Army style.
  • 8:51 Marc misses a bunny and the Knicks miss everything. EV-air-reee-thang.
  • Timeout: The Blue Bunch dances to Taylor Swift's "Shake it off" .... I see you media row, don't act like all of you aren't bobbing your heads and mouthing the lyrics.
  • 8:07 Knicks aimlessly and carelessly burn the 24 second clock like they're cooking eggs stoned.
  • 7:24 Marc makes a brilliant pass to Jarnell, but Young Bull can't convert. Stokes not quite a finished product obviously, but Marc is making a point to get him involved.
  • 6:38 Knicks can't buy/rent/steal a shot.
  • 4:15 Tony Allen strikes again. Brilliant steal followed by a no-finish -- and it even looks like he's been practicing the layups from the look of his form and effort. Sometimes the universe just hates you.
  • 3:50 Leuer and Beno check in. Both come out with a nice energy, but then Leuer gets called for an offensive 3-second call.
  • 1:33 Knicks had 3-on-2 break and came up with nothing but a missed midrange jumper.
  • 21.7 Grizzlies don't do much to take advantage of a reeling Knicks team shooting 26% in the first quarter until Beno turns on the jets late to push the Grizzlies' lead to 7.

2nd quarter

  • 10:48 Knicks open up the 2nd with the exact same crappy offense and awful shooting.
  • 10:19 Beno has an amazingly beautiful reverse windmill layup taken away with a traveling call.
  • 9:44 Beno churning the butter for Memphis tonight, but they still don't have enough to properly make toast yet.
  • 8:40 Knicks now shooting a better % than Grizzlies for a split second. Looking at the stat screen to see that was one of those Raider's of the Lost Ark moments.
  • 7:28 QPon saves the Griz from a debacle of a possession with a decisive jolt to the rim after snagging a loose ball.
  • 6:26 This game is awful. (I'd go on to say this out loud several more times.)
  • 5:51 The Grizzlies are now losing to the miscellaneous debris that is the New York Knicks. (It was only for a minute.)
  • 3:01 Grizzlies beginning to play slightly less worse than the Knicks.
  • 2:26 Tony Allen completes a layup on a Mike Conley fast break. The FedexForum collectively held its breath as the ball gently bounced around and through the rim. Hopefully this is a sign of Good Tony reemerging tonight.
  • 1:54 The Forum is completely dead. I'm fighting off yawns up here.
  • End of half: Vince Carter saves my consciousness with his 2nd three pointer of the night. Grizzlies are somehow up by 11 after playing down to the Knicks for the majority of the first half.


The little kids playing out on the court during the break might have shot better percentages than the Grizzlies and Knicks.

3rd quarter

  • 10:23 CLee starts the quarter hot and makes his first points of the game.
  • 9:09 This has not been a very good night of shooting from Marc Gasol, 2/9 so far.
  • 7:20 Mike Conley flashing some of that skill he showed early on in this one. He's just better than everyone out there.
  • 6:32 Courtney Lee continues to scorch earth and show no mercy. He's got 9 points within the first 6 minutes of the 2nd half.
  • 6:09 Knicks come out of a timeout like ass, and Tony Allen grabs a steal and completes an and-1 on a breakaway dunk. DUNK. Yes, Tony. Please give me more of that -- it's almost impossible to miss.
  • 4:55 Grizzsplosions!!! Mike, Tony, Lee, Oh my!!
  • 4:16 Knicks call timeout after the Grizzlies push the lead up to 22 points. My, that escalated quickly.
  • 2:00 Crazy play where the ball ricochets off of Gasol's face and into the waiting arms of Tony Allen. TA has been in the right places at the right times tonight.
  • 1:51 Grizzlies pushing the pace nicely and executing on both ends. They might be in the middle of executing the Knicks. 32 points already in the quarter for Memphis.
  • 26.5 Tony Allen hits a three pointer from the left corner. I think I just passed out for a second.
  • End of quarter: Mike Conley goes strong through the paint to finish off the quarter with a spectacular finish. Conley's got 22 through three quarters and has only missed 3 shots. Grizzlies go into 4th with a 22 point lead.

4th quarter

  • 11:45 Kosta tries to end the game on the first play of the period. Barely misses an epic dunk.
  • 10:43 NY's passes are slow, late, and misfiring. Not the way to surmount a comeback.
  • 10:24 Knicks look like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.
  • 9:47 16,888 good ole souls attending the game tonight.
  • 8:50 Pondexter shooting without hesitation. A perfect 3/3 on the night so far.
  • 5:43 Grizzlies bench just methodically sweeping this one away. Good ball movement and everyone's keeping their head on a swivel.
  • 4:12 Memphis getting all foul happy now. C'mon guys. I want to get on out of here. (That's not true. I wasn't looking forward to the walk back to my car in 10 degree weather.)
  • 3:16 Jarnell and Jordan getting some quality minutes in tonight. These guys are going to be pretty good, y'all.
  • End of game: The Grizzlies were playing with metal swords and the Knicks had wooden sticks. It was just a matter of time.

Post game

Joerger (paraphrased):

  • Got 3 stops in a row nine different times tonight.
  • Disrupting the passing lanes got Grizzlies some easy baskets.
  • Knicks only had 3 offensive rebounds on 28 misses in the first half.
  • Courtney Lee being aggressive makes the Grizzlies a lot more difficult to guard.
  • Coach used the minutes tonight to help get guys some confidence.

This one, all in all, was pleasantly boring. The Grizzlies' matchup on Wednesday against the smoking hot Atlanta Hawks is likely to be higher octane, so get your nitroglycerin ready, Grizz Nation.