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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Atlanta

Pre-, In-, and Post-game views from Hawks fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Atlanta forums

Pre-game views

Both teams are playing tough defense, we just have to persevere and protect the ball.

No Zbo tonight, I just got way more optimistic about the game.

Stokes is a straight up beast. we HAVE to box out

I wish Z-Bo was playing tonight. I would’ve liked to play a healthy Grizzlies team just to see a really good game.

In-game views

Memphis is that annoying fly that you can't swat.

This is just us not being able to put the game away as usual. We've been able to get away with it throughout the season but I don't think so tonight.

This game is right here in our grasp...

Wow. Leuer is useless

are the grizzlies playing good defense or are we just forcing things?

Jesus this is ugly. Both teams.

damn...impressive shot by gasol

The Grizz probably don't want to live and die on Tayshaun Prince jump shots

swipe left on these refs and the Grizzlies

Post-game views

What a win. Stingy defense combined with some key buckets down the stretch cemented this win.

Man the Grizzlies play hard nosed. We gutted this one out and it is another win against a top tier west team.

i love all the mutual respect between the two teams. Grizzlies are definitely my favorite team in the west

conley is very good

Man, the Grizz will be a load when they get Z-Bo back.

Hawks fans on the Green/Deng rumors

My goodness if the Grizzlies pull off one of these moves, yikes.

Thats been their weak point for the past 4 years. They have the "core 4" with conley, allen, z-bo, and gasol and have been a contender every year. Gay wasn’t a fit, Prince wasn’t the answer, and Carter has played well but probably is not enough. Either of those 2 guys could probably get them over the hump.

yeah, personally I like Jeff Green better. I don't know, maybe Deng fits better with them, but if you would ask me right now between Deng or Green on the Grizz, I would say Green no question.

word is green doesnt want to be traded. and miami is not stupid, they won't give away deng for nothing. they can make a push for wilson chandler. I see him fit well with them, has also huge defensive potential.