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The 5 Best Point Guards in Grizzlies' History

Back in the day, 2011 to be exact, @TomLorenzo of GBB wrote a piece about the top 5 point guards in Grizzlies history. I figured I would go ahead and throw my spin on things and see what you guys think. In the early 2000's the Memphis Grizzlies suffered through hard times, staying near the bottom of the Western Conference. However, since then, the Grizzlies have taken over the city of Memphis with GNG fever and have accumulated some real quality talent and fan favorites. Looking specifically at Grizzlies point guards, these are the five best in the franchise’s history.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Honorable Mention: Earl Watson- His most memorable moment for me was blocking Shawn Bradley. Although he wasn't the best offensively, he was a great passer. If you recall, he was a tenacious defender and a fan favorite. Sorry Kyle Lowry, had to keep you off the list. Always liked Earl the Pearl more than you. Bobby Jackson: Although Bobby Jackson's stint with the Memphis Grizzlies was brief, he was great coming off the bench in his lone season with the Grizzlies, averaging 11 ppg and was one of the best all around scores on the team.

5. Jerryd Bayless: Who didn't love them some Jerryd Bayless though.... windmill dunks...

back door cuts.... leading to an alley-oop

and explosive 4th quarter scoring...

4. Brevin Knight: What can I say about Brevin Knight. He was an all around professional and an excellent passer. Brevin represented Grit and Grind before we ever knew it existed in our hearts. Every single night he gave it his all. Although my most fond memory of him is negative, I'd still like to share it.  April 2003.... vs the Lakers. He hit a half court shot at the end of the 3rd quarter... It seemed like we were pulling out all the tricks in the bag to get the victory against a team all real Memphis fans hated... but of course the Black Mamba would go on to hit the game winning shot... bastard

3. Damon Stoudamire aka Mighty Mouse: Ok, maybe I put Damon at number 3 because we share the same birthday... and because he's probably going to be the next coach of the Memphis Tigers.. But remember, he's the only Arizona Wildcat to score 40 twice... he dropped 54 in a game with the TrailBlazers, and is one of few Grizzlies players who have scored 40+ points in a game. He also helped lead us to the playoffs when we traded Jason Williams.

2. Jason "White Chocolate" Williams: I'm pretty sure he was physically incapable of making a routine chest pass.... However,  he is one of the greatest Kings of all time and also the second best point guard in Grizzlies history. He's the most creative passer in the teams history... had the most vicious ankle breaking crossovers... and all around the most entertaining Memphis Grizzlies' point guard we will ever see in our lifetime. If you reached... well he taught you a thing or two..

1. Mike Conley aka Captain Clutch aka The Masked Man: I'm gonna go ahead and throw this out there... he's the toughest Grizzlies player... of all time... and honestly he might go down as the best overall player, not just pg, in Grizzlies history. This guy is the true definition of determination, fight, heart, grit, and grind. Game 2 vs the the Warriors might go down as one of the gutsiest performances the NBA has ever seen...It's a great feeling to know we have a point guard who will never give up and always has his teams back. Keep proving all the doubters wrong Mike, Memphis believes in you.