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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Cleveland

Pre-,and post-game views from Cleveland fans.

It's very quiet on the Cavs forums. I'm sure things will pick up before the opening game (the bandwagon fans should be back by then).

Pre-game views

We've always matched up well with the Grizzlies. I wonder if Kevin Love will play?  I'm pretty sure Lebron will.  Expect 20-25 minutes for Mozgov and Varajao, and time for Daye and Cunningham.

So the Cavs are starting up soon... Not sure if anyone heard??? Kind of dead around here.

Free give away, shirts for a pre season game. Someone's got deep pockets.

Post-game views

Hope we get 1 win in the preseason, can't go 0-7 goin into the regular season.

I know it's just preseason, but i would like to see the cavs start winning a little. You want to bring some momentum heading into the start of the season, which features a back to back on the road against a bulls team that hates us and memphis who is tough to beat on the road. With all these injuries and contract issues, it could be a very rough start to the season. And we could be stuck around 500 for the first 20 games or so with no Kyrie. TT, Shump, a limited Love, and a Lebron who wants to be more passive. I know it's early, but it would be nice to bury the competition in the east, and rest before the playoffs as much as possible, and not start slow again like last year...

Who cares? It's pre season

ohhhh cmon cavs . we know this is just a pre season game . but we want to see or hear you win . right guys ?

What's up with Jared Cunningham man he's tearing it up out there. I know its pre-season but i really wanna see how effective he is in the regular season. He's all over the cavs highlights

Losing could be HABIT FORMING