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Community Conversations: Why doesn't Marc Gasol shoot more 3-pointers?

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies held their annual open practice earlier today, and one franchise center named Marc Gasol decided to show out in the 3-point contest by ... winning it.

Marc Gasol Rains Down Threes at #GrizzOpenPractice

ICYMI: Marc Gasol knocks down 19 three-pointers (76% from 3) at yesterday's #GrizzOpenPractice! #MarcGasolOfMemphis gets buckets! Don't miss his celebration at the end! >

Posted by Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So this begs the question: why doesn't Marc line up one or two of these a game? There's no way he could shoot worse percentages than some other unmentioned teammates of his.

This time last year, our own Andrew Ford took a look at Marc's jump shooting form to gauge whether or not it would be possible for Gasol to develop a 3-pt shot. He concluded that he's got the shooting chops to make it an effective tool, but that the time spent out on the perimeter would probably be better utilized down in the paint.

I can and do respect that opinion the reasoning behind it, but let's crowdsource this topic. What do you all think about Marc Gasol's three-point shooting ability? Should the Grizzlies peek into those possibilities or do they need to just stay the course?