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Marc Gasol would still like a chance to play with his brother Pau Gasol in Memphis

Elsa/Getty Images

After seeing his brother Pau Gasol tear apart Eurobasket this summer, Marc Gasol probably has a little more incentive to pair up professionally with his brother in the NBA. Marc recently told EuropaPress that he still had a desire to recruit Pau back to the Memphis Grizzlies once his contract expires with the Chicago Bulls. And while Pau is 35 years young, he's still got quite a punch to his game as we saw this summer.

It's not impossible that one day we could play together. I think he has two more years in Chicago and I think it's difficult that he would leave the team, I wouldn't like it. But for us, and for Memphis to add someone like Pau, it would be unbelievable. We will try. Why not?

Why not? Well, as the Grizzlies have continued to get older and older every season they've started nearing a point where they need to go the other direction with youth. I'm not sure a 37-38 year old Pau would be what the doctor ordered.

After next season the Grizzlies can take Matt Barnes and Vince Carter off the books. The year after we'll see the contracts of Zach Randolph and Tony Allen expire. There could be room for some veteran experience in there. But as Marc Gasol and Mike Conley themselves begin to creep into their 30's, one could argue that Memphis needs to keep laying bricks for the future rather than paying homage to their past.

But if Pau wants to pair up with Marc for the vet minimum? I'd find it hard to complain too much about that.