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Mike Conley introduces hydrogen-infused water to the Memphis Grizzlies

Game. Day. Water.

The Mike Conleys, both junior and senior, have invested in a new hydrogen-infused water called HTWO that was developed by Cody Cook, PhD. after Conley, Sr. figured out a way to get the hydrogen into the water.

I know. It makes me raise an eyebrow too. The universe spent billions of years creating the water we have on earth, but it's not good enough? Apparently not. Memphis Business Journal has the word from Captain Clutch himself that HTWO is the real deal.

Mike Conley Sr., a former track star, said he got interested after Cook explained the science to him and he got involved with launching the company, serving as its CEO.

But Mike Conley Jr. had to make sure HTWO had clear benefits before he introduced it to the locker room.

"I had to try it before I committed to anything," Conley said. "I wouldn't want to bring anything around my teammates that doesn't work. But I've felt much better and the guys felt better, so it's become part of the pregame routine."

So that's pretty cool. Even if it's a placebo effect, results are results in this instance. MBJ says we could be seeing pouches of HTWO at Whole Foods and Kroger as early as Spring 2016. I'm going to probably need Mike Conley's face on it if they want me to shell out $3.50 for a pouch, however.

h/t to Memphis Business Journal