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2015 ESPN Player Rankings: Memphis Grizzlies

Let's dissect something!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN is finishing up their 2015 NBA Player Rankings today, but since Marc Gasol came in at No.10 we're officially done with the Grizzlies roster. Let's take a look at where the Disney Channel has the Memphis roster ranked for this season.

The number in parentheses is the player's ranking from 2014.

10. Marc Gasol (14)

20. Mike Conley (31)

31. Zach Randolph (33)

100. Tony Allen (94)

130. Brandan Wright (186)

148. Courtney Lee (183)

158. Jeff Green (119)

204. Matt Barnes (132)

211. Vince Carter (121)

231. Beno Udrih (291)

307. Jordan Adams (367)

370. Jarnell Stokes (422)

391. Russ Smith (409)

It's no surprise that Max Marc pushes his way back into the top 10 (he held the spot in 2013 too.) Would have been nice to see a #8 or #9, but we'll manage to survive somehow.

The big jump up top comes from the metal-faced, hydrogen-infused Mike Conley. No doubt his playoff performance caught some attention.

Somehow Zach Randolph keeps getting better. Seriously, he was ranked #35 in 2013 after the Grizzlies had made it to the Western Conference Finals.

TA hangs around the top 100. I think you could argue Tony all the way up to #50 and all the way down to #300 at certain parts of the season.

We then see a couple of upticks from two guys who will be very important to Memphis this season. CLee and Wright are both in their athletic primes so this makes sense. I think Lee ends up a top 100 player after this contract year. We'll see if Brandan Wright can acclimate in his first season ... it can be hard to do with this team though.

Oh, Jeff Green dropped from 119 to 158. Oh. Well. I've run out of stuff to sa-

Vince Carter, P3 superstar, begins to make his inevitable plummet. The only top rankings we're likely to see from VC these days will come in form of "Top Dunkers of All Time" and other throwbacks. For the record, I still believe in you Vince. I will cheer every time you shoot the ball.

Beno has actually gone up significantly in this year even though he's probably one of players who could possibly not even live up to his 2014 ranking. The drop off from Mike (#20) to Beno (#231+) will be something the Grizzlies have to address during the season.

And finally we see the young cluster of players who are fortunate enough to even be remembered considering how little playing time they've seen. Work hard, young cubs. I hope Russ Smith goes Count of Monte Cristo on ESPN's rankings. And BTW how is JaMychal Green not on this list? *raspberry*

What do you all think? Who's ranked too high or too low?