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Memphis Grizzlies waive center Ryan Hollins

The final roster cut, presumably.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Youth has won out with the Memphis Grizzlies for the time being. Memphis has waived 9 year vet Ryan Hollins, and they waited right up until the deadline to announce it. This tells me a couple of things: 1) they were probably trying to make a move, and 2) Jarnell Stokes will remain on roster with a little more pressure to perform.

There were a lot of people who thought he'd end up sticking to the roster because of Dave Joerger's tone when talking about him following preseason games – DJ really sold it. Hollins saw plenty of minutes and played pretty well. But I'm guessing the Grizzlies didn't want to send another developmental player packing so early – especially not a local kid like Jarnell Stokes.

This probably raises the expectations for Jarnell or maybe just underlines the expectations that were already there. Memphis test drove Hollins and ultimately weren't impressed enough to cut Stokes.

Did they make this decision because they want to continue to develop Jarnell all year via D-League?

Or do they expect Jarnell to have a role early on?

I wonder what the standards will be for him to stick through the entire season. Maybe the Grizzlies just want an extra enforcer around. I'm pretty sure Stokes could pick up the scorer's table and toss it around like a Lincoln log.

Best wishes to Ryan Hollins. If the Grizzlies are still paying Fab Melo half a million dollars then Hollins definitely deserves to get paid somewhere this season.

Update Grizzlies Roster: